Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 31, 2008

Well, today I feel almost human, and I only had my standard two cups of coffee. I may have "caught up" finally. hehe. Not likely.

So the weather turned sour today.  Hehe I had to walk to the bus and to my car in the rain so if that was to happen, then I'll be darned if my garden didn't get watered in the process.  We had a pretty long dry spell there but now I'm worried about my cantaloupe.  They're a warm weather crop and aside from the great weather that sprouted them in a hurry, they haven't had much heat and sun to turn them into vining cantaloupe anytime soon.  Drat.

I know being a PNW gardener means we garden in the rain and have webbed feet, but in my work clothes and unless necessary, I'm a fair weather gardener.  It didn't stop me from picking a fist-full of green beans from my tiny bush bean plants.  Most of the beans were as big as the plants that grew them.  I wanted to pick them today in case they're like peas where you have a better shot at getting more production from a plant if you keep it harvested. 

Besides tonight we had chicken and rice, which begs for a hearty vegetable.  Tonight I clipped the ends off the beans and heated them with some homegrown cauiliflower from the crisper.  It still tasted almost as good as freshly harvested.  Not bad at all.  Random thought, I sure hope the crown stalk composts well. It's in my kitchen compost container with the soft potatoes from the store that helped us with the decision to have rice, hehe. 

Today taking a break at work I checked out my favorite forums.  On GW's veggie forum, I found Shot had started a third potato bin thread.  Shot and Pat tried "my" BAYG bins (see the page on the left) and alas, the bins failed for them.  Mine, as you have seen, are still going strong, though if they're growing potatoes in there, they've got to be huge!  At least I hope so, hehe.  Anyway, I feel bad if I convinced folks to try the bin and it didn't work for them.  Aside from burrying healthy stems on accident, the only problems I've had so far is raccoons deciding park on my plants.  As you've seen they seem to be hold up strong.  Now if only they die out sometime soon. /shrug

Speaking of my potato bin page, since I created it, today I found that I had exactly 2,000 hits to the page!  Wow!  Amazing. hehe And not even promoting it anymore.  But I am updating it with progress pictures, though nothing much has changed except the coons, which I didn't think would help anyone, so I didn't add it, hehe.

Well, unless you want pics of rain, there's nothing more to add tonight. Enjoy your garden!

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  1. Good to hear your work is getting caught up.

    When I compost thick stemmed things I always bash them up with a rock or hammer. They disappear much faster then.