Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 26, 2008

Well, looks like my problem wasn't just my router.  I'm not even sure if it WAS my router.  It's sitting right next to me daring me to plug it back in.  $50 lighter in the wallet and I've got a fancy wireless one (that's all they sell, so what if I don't have anything wireless) and an hour on the phone with two nice folks from India (they always like to ask how the weather is here, and what time it is, hehe), only to find out my modem is toast.  Hehe a half hour call with a nice young lady five miles away from me confirmed it.  So this morning after sleeping in (I didn't get to bed until really really late last night) I went and got a new modem.  Another call to get it activated and poof, I had internet again.  I don't have the heart to plug back in my old router to see if it works.  It shouldn't logically because it went out before the modem did, but you never know.

Anyway, I was watching the kids today as my wife was at a baby shower (non couples this time) and my kids didn't want to go outside (cloudy and muggy).  So no gardening happened today.  All I got done was watering. Though I did eat a snap pea that for some reason is surviving where the rest of his bretheren is brown and completely dead.  I still need to remove the brown pods, shuck them and let them dry in a cool spot.  My first foray into seed saving.  We'll see how it works. 

Speaking of seed saving, I've got to get out into the garden and rip out my first lettuce plantings.  They're 3 feet tall and going to seed.  I don't want to save my lettuce seeds, but I do want to see if I can salvage some of the lettuce off the trees, hehe.  Tomorrow is a salad for lunch if it kills us. 

I also need to plant some seeds and figure out where to plant them.  Got to work this out. I really want to take the plunge into winter gardening in addition to winter sowing, hehe.  Unfortunately I've got a ton of green onions that need to be harvested and used and my cucumbers are just taking off, so I can't plant cauliflower back to front in that bed.  So no clue what to do with the back of that bed.  For that matter, my pole beans haven't even started to produce yet and so they're staying for a while.  And I've got carrots in the back.  I think more carrots are going up front with the radishes since they're root crops and low.  Lettuce will be next followed by taller plants.  Planning is so critical in raised bed gardening.  I've got to take more into consideration next year.  I say next year but if Steve Solomon is right, there is no next year since I'll be planting greens and cool weather crops year round. hehe

Tomorrow is also picture day. My cell was out of power from using it to go on the internet while both our computers were down, so no pics were taken today.  You'll just have to take my word today that my potato plants have rebounded from being bent over en mass by racoons.  It's odd that i've got flowers galore on the russet bin and nada in the way of flowers in the Yukon Gold bin.  Here's to hoping that that's common, hehe I'm sure it is. 

Hope you've been enjoying your garden!  Tis the season to harvest harvest harvest, and plan for fall plantings.  Have fun!


  1. My Yukon Golds flowered long ago. However, the flower buds never opened and would not have been noticed had I not been looking very carefully. They just dried up and fell off. Your YGs may have done the same, and it's completely normal by the way. So if your vines turn yellow, wither and droop, I wouldn't necessarily worry that they hadn't bloomed yet.

  2. My internet was out yesterday too, no dsl light on my modem. Phoned in, most likely to india as well and was put through a whole bunch of pointless procedures like unplug all my phones....?

    Anyhow after 20 minutes on the phone I was sent to tech and they told me my area was out because of the storm. I wish they told me that before unplugging all my phones and unplugging my router etc!

    I am also trying to save some seed this year, two of my carrots went to seed so I am going to collect them as well as pole beans. It defiantly make things more cost affective if you don't have to purchase seed.

  3. I'm debating about the whole seed starting this year. I'm not certain which pea plant is which. I wouldn't mind a snow pea sneaking in, but I don't want shelling peas. And a few bucks for seeds a year isn't a bank breaker.