Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008

Short post tonight. Today my son and I planted a square of lettuce, two salad bowl and one each of the other two.  I also planted a square of radishes since we're out of them.  Hehe I've got a plan to plant more squares around it but the mature lettuce has taken over the squares I want to plant in.  They're not rooted in there, just over grown.  Guess I better do more than just give them a hair cut to clear space.  /shrug

Other than that, I watered and shook some tomato cages. We tried a bush bean and it tasted bitter.  My guess is that's over mature. 

Still tired so going to bed.  Night all!


  1. The potatoes in the first bin are massive, I bet it is producing lots of potatoes under there. When I dug a couple new potatoes from my plants they had a first batch that are a good size and then a second batch that are the size of a pea. I am guessing yours are probably at the same stage as mine. They will most likely not die back until late summer/early fall unless you get a long heat spell.

    The bean in your photo looks about the size I recall picking when I was younger. They are still good though if they are left until they start to form beans bumps. It will be very obvious when they are getting too old, they bean bumps will get large and the bean will take on a dry appearance compared to the younger ones. I also find beans a little bitter when they are not cooked, nothing like popping peas from the pod. I always boil or steam them, they taste much better then.

  2. Thanks Dan, both for the vote of confidence on the potatoes but for the info on the beans. Tomorrow we'll grill up some chicken and have steamed beans for dinner.

  3. hubby has (finally agreed) to sq ft our little yard for maximum gardening-your wonderful pictures of your layout really got his thoughts a flowing! Thank you for your post-AND pictures!
    "its hip to be square!"