Monday, July 21, 2008

July 21, 2008

Short post tonight.  Well I've got confirmation of coons returning.  I found prints in my cantaloupe... and to top it all off, I was so bloody interested in taking a good pic of my sprouts that I totally missed the prints in the bin!

Notice in the middle the three indents... and me? I go for a walk this evening instead of searching out the Haveaheart stuff.  Grrr.  Old habits die hard.  But aren't the little sprouts cute?  After I take care of the coons, I've got to enclose this SWC. 

I noticed the prints first while watering after dusk but right before dark.  I also noticed while watering that my corn is leaning toward the rising sun (it gets the most sun in the morning).  Unfortunately it's too late to put the trellis netting in there to provide support.  I vasillated to long.  It's going to be interesting.

On a better note, I got a text message from my brother who was proud of his harvesting his garlic today.  He got 85 viable heads that he is now drying/curing in the garage for the next few weeks.  I hope to use some of it and plant some of it along side my blueberry bushes this fall.

Finally, more randomness.  On our walk I found what may very well be our next garden purchase.  All along I've been wanting a bench for my garden.  It is about the only thing I can put in the dead corner where nothing grows (but voluteer lilac bushes).  Unfortunately I've never been particularly impressed by what I've found or couldn't afford it.  While we were stopping by our local QFC, we walked by our very local True Value franchise and saw a cedar bench.

It would match the wood choice of the fence posts behind it, and the shingles on the house.  Simple and only $85 locally.  I may have to go back with the van.  It's only a quarter mile so how's that for local shipping?  Ok, it wasn't produced locally, but you can't have everything.


  1. Hey guy! I was out in the garden last night and thought of you.

    In daylight, I finally got around to pruning my tomato bushes. the husky cherry in particular was out of control, sending lots of new canes up in unfortunate places. I pinched out so many tiny stems, I literally had green thumbs! After dinner, I went out with a flashlight to see what was after my runner beans: SLUGS! Lots of tiny silver slimy buggers. Jeesh! I picked them off one by one and chucked them into the blackberries over the fence, then applied my (organic) slugbait liberally around the trellis. At least we figured it out before they'd munched them all!

    Darn nature, it keeps intruding on our happy little gardens. ;)

  2. Your cantaloupes seedlings are looking good! Believe it or not, I still have one fruit left on one of my vines. I can't wait until it's ready to harvest. Just a little while longer. They are the sweetest cantaloupe. I think you are going to really be happy with these. They are the perfect sized plant and fruit.