Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March 10, 2009

Well, I re-read the Snomomish County MG program site. Seems the soonest I could take the classes is 2010. Seems like so far away. Ah well, I can wait. I will continue helping people in my own special way until then, and long after.

Good news, six of my cukes have germinated. Hehe. Now I have to figure out if I plant them out immediately or let them grow a bit under lights first. Of course, with the weather we're having (low of 18 tonight), it's far from time to plant warm weather crops. So for now, they go upstairs into 50-65 degree temps. Not a bad gig if you can get it I guess, hehe.

Well, my brother's light system is up, finally. He stole my last two S hooks and borrowed my last seed tray. I hope that means he's planting soon. His own words were that he's behind schedule. Of course, I'd offered to plant something under my lights, as well as, offered to let him use my soil block maker. I can't wait to get a look at the setup. Maybe I'll snap a pic or two. At least he'll be using my Mel's Mix that he snagged the other week to grow his seedlings. If you recall, he's always said ot would be good for starting seeds, hehe.

Exciting times with the Times article still generating massive traffic.  1,850 hits yesterday and 2,100 today.  Wow, amazing!  Thanks all, I sure hope you stick around and watch me try to make fewer mistakes yet get the same or better results as last year. 

Thankfully, I've made a few new gardening buddies out of all this.  Comments and emails a flyin' I've had the opportunity to help out a few people.  It just makes my day when I can do that.  In fact it makes my week!  I even updated my Potato Bin page with some info on where to find all the popular varieties of potatoes and whether or not they're mid-late season to be able to be used in towers.  Thanks Bob for that suggestion.

Well, stay warm wherever you are, and let's hope the weather gets better this weekend so I can do some serious planting!

Enjoy your garden!


  1. 2010? Well, you're gonna have to sign up! It will be here before you know it. I think it's great that you had so much traffic from the article, and also made new friends along the way. 18 degrees? Boooooo!


  2. Hey, Sin,
    why are you starting the cukes so early and inside? Is there a specific reason? An experiment?
    Since they're more a warm weather crop and typically direct sown, (they do much better that way), I'm really wondering.
    Yeah, I'm nosey. lol.

  3. happy belated birthday and congrats on being in the paper! woot!

  4. Talking about your brother being behind.... I am the one behind LOL!!! I still have to get some more seeds started like last week...

  5. The MG program will be great - my mom is up in Mukilteo and is taking the program and she's constantly emailing me with the things she learns. I hope to also do it someday but right now I have such limited time. Spokane also has a master COMPOSTER program that I'm dying for... maybe in a few years when I am no longer the breadwinner I'll take some time to do them. Won't that be fun :)