Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25, 2009

Man this month has cruised on by.  It's insane when you've got your head down and cranking.  However, I made sure I got home early tonight so I could get some pics of the seedlings if nothing else.  I hope to find some time to get some potato bins built this weekend, but somehow I doubt it.  I should also plant my cole crops and some radishes and peas.  Oh, and I need to harden off the seedlings too.  Everything should have already happened by now, but it hasn't.  Of course the weather hasn't cooperated much either.  This afternoon was about the only sun break we've had in two weeks.  Come on warm spring (like Dorothy said).

I'd like to call this post, the "Case of the Neglected Seedlings" ... dum dum dummmmmmm...

When I went upstairs, armed with nothing but a water bottle, what did I find?  Tomato seedlings no longer 2 inches from the lights, but growing up into them, smashed up against the bulbs.  Grrrr. I hate it when I neglect them.  Oh, and the soil blocks were light brown, bad sign.  So the first thing I did was to raise the lights over the tomato seedlings.  Unfortunately this creates a major slant such that some of my soil blocks have 8 inches to get to the lights.  Can't be helped without major manuvering.

Then I watered like mad.  I even went downstairst to refill my bottle.  The plants needed it, but I must say they're growing fabulously without my help.

You think these need to be potted up? hehe.  Sorry for the blurry pics, it was dark when I took the pics. I think that's the reason. Then again, maybe the lense is dirty.

Lastly, take a look at the soil blocks in back.  I think these are either lettuce or stevia, though it's probably lettuce.

Look at those broad leaves.  Insane!

I think when I harden off the soil blocks, I'll just take the entire tray outside.  Everything in there is probably past time to be planted out, well except for the cukes, but they should be hardy enough to withstand some warm days. It's just too cold to germinate them.  And they wouldn't be spending the night outside.  If I'm home for a few hours this weekend during the day, and it's not raining cats and dogs, I'll put these out.

I sure hope you all are having more fun with your gardens than I am.  Though just some seedling time was a bit of relief from the stress.  It's working just how it's supposed to!

Enjoy your garden (vicariously for me)!


  1. Everyone's seedlings get neglect at some point. As long as they are alive that's all that matters. The tomatoes look like they are doing really well.

    I'm getting excited about my potato bin. I was out today measuring for how much lumber I need. It is going to be a bit of a wacky shaped to fit the spot at the top of the garden. The back side will be on an angle, 22" wide on one side and 40" wide on the other. I'm sure the spuds won't mind.

  2. Cool, man! Your tomato seedlings are doing good! Stocky stems and everything! Good job....


  3. If you take your plants out for a while this weekend - be careful about the wind that they are predicting on Saturday - it will kill seedlings faster than cold will. Maybe put them under your grow tunnel cover? (so they get the sunshine and warmth but have a wind block?)

    The seedlings look like they are growing on nicely.

  4. Your seeding system looks a lot like mine. Same lighting but I use a 4 foot scaffold to place the trays on. Your plants looks great BTW

  5. I somehow got into the habit of watering every other day for my seedlings. I gave them fish/kelp emulsion about every two weeks. And weak stuff at that.

    If the seeds were just planted I'd have the heat pad on, and that thing dries out soil quickly ( of course) so I watered a bit each AM before the kids woke up.

    I'm 37 and my internal clock kind of weird, sometimes I get up at 3 or 4...and most of the time I find it more peaceful to water when the house is still quiet and the coffee is brewing.

    The tomatoes look gorgeous. Although... I'm still too nervous to start seedlings for a few more weeks.

    Fair dinkham, mate! Good on ya!

  6. Your seedlings look great! Man your light setup has really made the difference. I have a couple more things to get started this morning -- 12 yellow squash plants. I'm still waiting on many of my spring plants to finish up (like the beets, cabbage and lettuce) so I can get some of my summer crops planted. I'm also running a bit behind.

    Your tomato seedlings, err... plants look awesome! They do like their soil more dry than wet so it's good to let them dry out completely before watering -- just don't let them start to wilt. So a little neglect with tomato seedlings is a good thing :-)

    Hope the weather gets better up there....