Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009

Well, today was a great day.  First off, after sitting in "line" for co-op kindergarden open registration all day, we were number 3 on the list of 3 openings.  YAY!  That means Logan is accepted into a top-rated elementary school, and little Owen will be guaranteed a slot too as a sibling.  Think I'm crazy for giving up my entire Sunday, sitting and chatting with a friend for 9 hours straight?  For 10 years of schooling guaranteed to be the best the public school district can offer with a 5:1 student/adult ratio, I don't think so.  Not at all.  So safe to say we were doing cartwheels today when it was official!  A year of stressing is over.  Whew!

So, now that you know what I did Sunday, you know that I didn't get all of my to-do list done.  My spending the day at the school was prompted by an email saying what we thought was 6 slots was only 3.  However, before I left, I scrambled and made 16 more soil blocks. They only took about 10 minutes to make, including going outside to get the Mel's Mix from my storage bags.

So what did I plant in them?  Well, I had a garden calendar entry last week saying I should plant cucumbers inside.  I hadn't done it yet, so I planted 10 pickling cukes and 2 slicers.  The last four blocks got stevia seeds.  I only want one plant, but I read that they're really hard to germinate, so I planted a half dozen seeds in four blocks to see which one sprouts, and if more than one sprouts, which one grows the best.

Of course, it was after I got to the school that I got a post from DoubleD that said I shouldn't start my cukes so soon because at best I would have stunted plants.  EEK.  I guess I won't try to speed germination of these plants.  If I can make them take 2 weeks to germinate, then I could be ok planting them under a hoop cover.  We hope.  That reminds me, I should let my brother know not to plant his yet.

Anyway, the other good thing that happened today was that the reporter from the Seattle Times called to interview me for the article.  We only spoke for about 5 minutes, but he got enough info to write his article.  Of course, the article's not about me, but the spike in seed sales, as well as about a local seed farmer who designed the potato bin system I use.  I am just the local example of someone who uses his bin.  The reporter found me on a search engine.  Glad my blog pages shows up on search engines.  I've been told it is a decent how to page for potato bins.  That's what I tried to accomplish anyway.

Well, both of us are tired, so it's time to hit the sack.  Long weekend and the work week's not going to be a walk in the park.  Maybe I can get home early enough to spend some time depressurizing in the garden.  I hope you can too.


  1. I love soil blocks! Yours look different. Are they round? Did you make your own soil block maker?

    I'm new to your site, so sorry if you've already posted about it. I can't wait to read your back posts.

    Good luck with those seedlings!

  2. That's cool that you are growing a stevia plant from seed. I grew one many years ago but not from seed. It certainly is sweet but a green tasting sweet.

    Just look at all those soil blocks, things of beauty!

  3. get congrats on getting your little one into a great school! I understand how stressful it can be, before we moved here the school near our old house was really not all that great, so I was stressing over trying to get a transfer to the better district across town I went to school in. Moving solved that for me. Kinder registration is April 20th for my little girl, from what I've researched the school right down the street here has great test scores and a good teacher/student ratio for the district so I'm hoping she's happy there.

    Those soil blocks are so cute! I'm saving my vitamin bottles to try and make one of the DIY models later on when I get to it.

    Thanks for the garden tips, I had my kids shredding cardboard egg cartons today for awhile to add to the compost heap and I've started saving the papertowels used to minor water/juice spills in my compost bucket under the sink.

    Today I've been reading the book " How to grow more vegetables" and learning about the biointensive method- I'm almost tempted. since I needed 12 cubic yards to fill the beds a foot deep I'd only need half that for amending along with some blood meal/bone meal if needed and I could skip the wood and galv mesh.
    Its just ALOT of digging but thankfully this dirt is fairly loose, so I could just dig the beds and leave the walkways 'solid' since I was planning on lining them with cardboard and covering it with free wood chips from the city. I'm still meddling it all over in my head. I'm just going stir crazy with this cold wet weather, its not normal for around here.

  4. Oh I'm so glad that you were able to get your son into that school! What we will do for our kids LOL But education is so important!!

    I've got to get some more veggie seeds plants this week myself. I'm kinda running behind LOL

  5. The blocks seem to be working really well for you. Are they holding up to the watering process?

    Congratulations on getting your son into the school of your choice. It's incredibly important for the first formative years and worth the extra effort you went to. Good work - you deserve something besides a tie for fathers day!

  6. Woohoo on the placement!! People out here camp out for a week or so in campers. There are arguments every year about the best way to do things...allowing people to camp out (which is unfair to working parents) or holding a lottery (which is unfair to those with the dedication to camp out).

    *sigh* A good school is something you can't play around with. Congratulations at getting in. Yea school!

  7. Man....I could've sworn I've already left a comment on this post...maybe I'm going crazy! Ha! Anyway, I think it's way cool, that The Seattle Times is gonna check your garden out. You deserve it man! Search engines work great, but unfortunately, the spammers find you that way, too.