Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9, 2009

Well, I want to thank the Seattle Times for including me in their article concerning an astonishing and wonderful trend both locally and nationally.  Everyone knows the economy is the worst we've seen since I was a young boy.  Thankfully I was young enough that I don't remember any of the sacrifices my family made for us kids.  We never needed anything.  We may not have always got what we wanted, but what child should? 

What I also remember from that time, is that my mother had a vegetable garden out back.  We had a tiny yard, a postage stamp really.  But tucked up against the deck, just off the kitchen, she had planted a kitchen garden.  Two 4x8 raised beds where she grew onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, to name a few staples.  I also remember tomato and onion salads in summer.  Little did I know it was because the lettuce probably bolted on her. 

I remember that time.  And I plan on passing it along to another generation.  We, like all of you, are cutting back, sacrificing for the long term.  Thankfully I'm still employed, and we can still make ends meet, but if that changes, I plan on being prepared.  Last year I grew a fair amount of vegetables.  We didn't eat anywhere near what we produced.  This year, I don't intend on there being that option.  Every SF of my garden will be planted in succession, and what we don't eat, we will preserve, or pass along to friends and family.  I've learned what not to do.  This season will be full of what TO DO.

Today was a good day for the blaug.  Being linked to the second most read story of the day in the Times has it's advantages.  Close to 2,000 people showed up today, and my Build-As-You-Grow Potato Bin page jumped from 4,000 hits to over 6,000.  Presto, hehe.  I hope everyone that saw it got some inspiration to grow something this year.  Who cares if it's potatoes or if they use the system I got from Greg Lutovsky and the Seattle Times.  What's important is that we save a boat load of money by growing our own produce, and telling the industrial farming complex that we refuse to eat GMO food. 

Oh, and if half of those folks come back tomorrow, that would be good too.  I'd love to get some more readers out of those folks.  This year is going to be exciting.  I hope you'll join me as I continue Sinfonian's Garden Adventure!

Enjoy your garden!


  1. That was a great write up Sinfonian - glad it is resulting in increased traffic to your blog site. Your potato bin page is well done and should provide alot of people inspiration to give it a try for themselves.

    I like your personal goal setting. You could even start now by harvesting some of those HUGE green onions and dicing them up and freezing them. Keep some for fresh eating - but a bunch frozen on cookie sheets until solid then placed in a gallon zip lock bag - makes for easy cooking for the cook! Just scoop out the amount you need for a recipe when you need it.

  2. I try very hard to eat what is coming out of my garden. I try very, very hard not to let any of it go to waste. It is how I cook in the summer. Think Iron Chef. You have zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes coming from your garden. What are you going to cook that uses them all? A. chili, curry, Mediterranean stew, ratatouille, lasagna . . . It is fun to try to make up different dishes. I often make more than I need and freeze them for the winter.

    BTW I found you through EG a while ago.

  3. What an amazing article! Isn't it nice when you start doing something for you and your family and it blossoms into helping others as well!

  4. Hi Sinfonian !

    I am a big fan of sfg , i have been reading your and judy's blogroll for 1 yr from sidelines ,never commented, I have a fairly big yard and wanted a good plan to start my boxes .I am in zone 5b I am interested in growing all veggies , mostly asian . my yard faces northwest. Can you please help me suggesting how to start . i did last yr on my own without any help . and it was a big disaster , i spent money but did not get any satisfaction. I want to do it right this year. I would really appreciate your help and time

  5. Enjoyed the article very much. I grow tomatoes from seed and about to start them under a grow light inside.

    I'm inclined to try the boxes. Is there a listing of early vs. late varieties of potatoes? We use baked potatoes and boil red potatoes most often.

  6. We are in the presences of SFG Fame! Great article and you deserve the exposure with all the work you put into your veggie patch and blog! Keep up the good work Rich.

  7. Way to go Rich! Great article :-) I believe more people are looking into gardening this year especially with the state of the economy. They are wanting ways to garden that are easy and productive. The potato bins are great!

  8. "Oh, and if half of those folks come back tomorrow, that would be good too."

    Just added you to my blogroll!