Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March 4, 2009

I just realized that I'm so wrapped up in this light system and starting my own seeds, that I've possibly forgotten some of the rest of my veggies that may be direct seeded about this time.  Peas are a notable example.  Mel says 5 weeks before the LSF.  For me, that could mean now, or a few weeks from now depending on when my LSF is this year.  Seems my LSF could be as early as mid March, two weeks away, or as late as May 1. If it's May 1, then I hold off until the last week of March.  My brother is betting on mid March.  Personally, I think I'll watch my buddy's DoubleD's blog carefully to see when she plants her peas.  She's the expert and I'm just a barely-not-so-novice gardener. 

Of course, I'm not so sure what else I should be starting.  Maybe carrots, radishes and green onions will go in this weekend.  That's about what I recall from last year when I was shocked how long it took for radishes to grow. 

Anyway, not much is happening in the garden right now.  I figured out I need to water the soil blocks upstairs more than I water the tomatoes in the cups.  Speaking of tomatoes, the cups I planted for our teacher didn't all germinate.  Three of the tomatoes are still on the fridge and I am not expecting much.  I may replant them.  But the ones upstairs are doing very well.  This morning I had to raise the light because the closed tomato leaves were brushing up against the bulbs.

The San Marzano's are the ones that were squished up against the light, all folded like that.  Funny that even the true leaves are folding up at night and unfurling during the day.  Pretty cool.

Well, that's all I've got.  Hope you're getting into your garden and getting dirty.  Nothing like it, I promise.


  1. Good work on the seedlings progress Sinfonian! You are off and running for the 2009 gardening season. You can safely plant your peas just about any time now. I usually plant them around mid March - but go up or down a week depending on what the weather is doing. If it is a balmy spring you can plant as early as March 1st around these parts - if the weather is particularly bitter - you may want to hold off until March 21st or so (spring equinox!). I may plant peas this Sunday if my otherwise hectic social life (daughter's 17th birthday this weekend) does not make that impossible. I will be covering with a grow tunnel cover for a week or so though just to be sure the seeds are warm enough to germinate quickly. If I do not plant this Sunday - I will definitely be doing it on March 14th.

  2. Well if you have a soil thermometer you can see if the soil is 40 degrees. Peas won't sprout until that temp.

  3. Your tomatoes are looking great under the lights! I tell you, the lights really make a difference!

    It is about time to sow some seeds outside for your area.... I'm hoping that you get some warmer temps soon and that we all have an early Spring this year.

  4. I know, I need to get out and sow some beets in my cold frame, I probably could have last week. It seems like you wait so long to get started and then it sneaks up on you like this.

  5. Hey, just FYI, the CSA share we get from Root Connection we always split with another household. They give us a LOT of food! I just try to plant things they don't, or don't give me enough of. Like, say, tomatoes. You can never have too many garden-grown tomatoes.