Wednesday, March 18, 2009

March 18, 2009

Ah, technology is not my friend today!  I've now sent two emails to Photobucket to get them to reset my bandwidth usage.  There is no way I exceeded it three days into the month when I can prove my traffic is basically back to normal.  Grrrr.  Sure I could switch services, but uploading over 1,000 pics and relinking them to each post would be a nightmare.  However, if they don't fix this problem, I may start from here out with a new service to diversify my bandwidth.  So, sorry to say it looks like I'll be pictureless for a few more days. Grrrr.

Secondly, yesterday was the change over on our cable, so we lost most of the kids channels.  So tonight I tried to set up the new cable boxes.  Joy oh joy.  After an hour on the phone with the Comcast folks, the boxes worked, but I couldn't figure out how to get TiVo to work with them.  I tried figuring it out myself, but by the time I broke down to call TiVo for help, it was after 9.  Drat. 

As you can see, give me a trowel and a watering can, that's more my speed. hehe.  And to think a decade ago I was the office techie.

Anyway, that's what I did when I got home, so hope you enjoyed this morning's post.


  1. Hopefully another nail in the cable coffin. I know someday I'll come here and see that you've cancelled it for good.

  2. Well you can operate a blackberry so you must be some what techie still. I'm really on the fence about television any more. It seems every season there is less and less worth watching well the price goes up and up. I have been contemplating getting one of those new antenna that aren't the size of a radio tower.

    PS, I put the post up with all the winter greens & veggie varieties. Kind of early to be thinking about fall but after the results I had last year I want to be ahead of the game.

  3. I would much prefer to do what I did this evening... dig holes in lovely compost rich soil and plant bush pie cherries! No cables, no instructions written in some strange garbled version of english, no advertising blaring at me that I need a prescription for ...well they won't tell me what but I should ask my doctor as it may be right for me! Yes... the garden is a great retreat in the evenings and the TV is becoming less and less interesting with each passing year!

  4. Yep, I'm trying to get the kids un-addicted to tv, but we had sickies this week, so it was a kindness to put them in front of something to take their brains off. Sorry it was so rough on you guys this week.

  5. Hi Rich,

    Just a quick FYI that Home Depot has 18 gallon storage bins on sale for $3.88 in case you need more. Seemed like a really good deal. I bought six to set up some SWCs. :-)

  6. I thought it was odd that Photobucket told me I had gone over my usage in 4 days. That's nearly impossible I would think. So it's not just you that's had problems with them. I paid the fee. I use their service and it was fairly cheap. I wish I had known others were having problems before I did that.

  7. SanFranciscoEngineerApril 17, 2009 at 4:59 AM


    I got to the potato page from today and I've been reading all the older entries since then !
    Yes, its a 'viral' website, but I like it because Jason Kottke finds interesting links from all over and posts them on his blog...otherwise I would never find pages like yours on my own !

    Regarding the photo bandwidth issue, I would suggest getting a PRO account...they have unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth...and they are just 45$ for 2 years ! Switching all the pictures from the old pages will be a pain, but maybe just new ones, and the images from the potato pages ?

    I've had it for 3 years+ and they are great (they are owned by Yahoo)