Saturday, March 21, 2009

March 21, 2009

Boy, time flies when you're having fun, or when you're slammed busy.  Sorry that I haven't posted in a while.  I now I should have mentioned I was taking a hiatus, but to be honest, I didn't know I was.  Time just slipped away from me and I didn't have much to talk about anyway.  So I appologize for that, and making my last post all about non-gardening crap.

Actually, I really shouldn't be posting right now because I haven't really been gardening much lately either.  Between company coming into town and the house being a pig sty and the preschool auction, we've been insanely busy.  Thankfully the auction's over, but there's still the house to clean.  With two kids, it's always an uphill battle.

That said, I do have some garden-related stuff to talk about.  Well, mostly to show you.  First off, look at how my soil blocks are doing under the lights...

Those tall things near the fan, those are my cukes.  Here's a close-up.

Can you see the light green on the leaves?  I'm not worried about it apparently it only matters if it's the first true leaves. 

The funny thing is, that some of my blocks I still can't tell what they are, but these, it's obvious.  Look at my little Red Sails lettuce sprouting. Hehe, if I don't get these into the ground soon, I'll be harvesting indoor lettuce, hehe.

Lastly, here are my tomato seedlings.  The ones next to the water bottle are mine that I started about two weeks before the ones for our teacher.  All are doing well, but just like my good buddy EG, some varieties are clearly doing better than others.  Funny that one of the scrawnier ones is a very early producer.

Mine I really need to pot up, but I don't really have room for the bigger pots.  What a conundrum, as Alan Greenspan used to say.

Any thoughts for my space issues?  Maybe start hardening off some of the soil blocks?  Maybe remove the big tomatoes from the lights and let them hang out in the south facing window?  They're about the size when I got them from Territorial last year and had them in that window.

Anyway, I'm utterly exhausted from a very long day running around for the auction.  Hope you had a great day in the garden!


  1. Is your light set up over the tomatoes unable to be raised any higher? When you pot them up into a bigger container you will be sinking alot of the stem area into soil - so you really will not immediately have a much taller plant to deal with - a little bit but not a huge amount.

    I am always amazed at how differently tomato varieties grow. I start Celebrity's for my sister each year (occassionally keep one or two for myself) and they always are monster plants - even though they are a "indeterminate" variety. Actually they are best characterized as a 'tweener" because they do not get much more than 5 feet tall but are very stocky/bushy and will keep producing like an indeterminate. Anyway, it always out doors everything else with the sheer size and horsepower of the seedlings.

  2. Your tomatoes are looking great. Mine are a bit wimpy looking. Not sure what is going on. I definitely hope it isn't my light set up!

  3. I have had a few seedlings get yellow tips like that on the seed leaves. I find it mostly happens when the seed shell does not shed off the tips quickly. The tomato pots are big enough to hold them over until you plant them outside. I would just leave them in them unless they start drying out to fast. Of course that doesn't help your space issue though.