Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12, 2008

Short post today, but I've got pics. Too bad they're a bit dark. I had to take care of my little one while my wife took a class with the eldest.  So by the time I got out it was getting dark and the camera auto flashed.  May have helped, not sure. 

Anyway, the first thing I noticed was that my Yukon Golds were getting some height to them.

Notice anything about the pic?  Well the first thing I noticed was that Round Up hasn't killed the weeds behind it yet. I may have to pull them soon.  Then the second thing I noticed was that dark spot in the middle left... can't pick it out? Well here it is in close-up...

Yep, you guessed it, a coon print.  I mentioned a while ago that I was overdue for putting down more predator urine pellets, but I just didn't follow through. Right after I took this I ran inside and got it. I'm almost out now after doing a heavy dose all around my back yard and garden area.  I recall that after I finish it I need to find a competitor product so the coons don't get used to the smell.  Not sure where I'll find one since Haveaheart is so prevalent. /shrug

After this I planted more corn and beans.  Precocious and Jade that is.  They're notoriously slow/bad to sprout, even after germinating them inside.  I may have to complain to Territorial, though they'll probably tell me I am planting too early.  I thought it was only problems germinating this early so I did that in coffee filters inside.  /shrug (hehe I'm doing that a lot lately)

Here's a current pic of my piled high compost pile.  It's still in range so I'm happy. I'm also happy because I've got a full compost bucket inside and should be able to mow this weekend.  Brown and green!

Notice how it's looking more and more like compost every day, even the top part. That's because I mixed it up.

Finally I thought a progress update on my veggies would be in order. I just love looking at them growing. I hope you do too!

Radishes (I've got tons more planted where these came from!)... Note the yellow leaves? I hope it's not a sign of disease or lack of water or over watering. I'm still new to this watering thing and it's been so unpredictable rain wise here lately. Oh and the green twigs on the left are my wife's green onions. I think they're doing well.

Next I'll share two pics of my lettuce. The Red Sails and Salad Bowl...

Notice the succession plantings of lettuce and spinach in the foreground. No they don't look that golden, it's the flash.  And the pointy lettuce is actually Italienshier.  But notice it's overshadowed by my monster cauliflower?

Lastly, my pride and joy. My spinach. I can't wait to make a spinach and radish salad!

And the leaf my hand's covering is even bigger!

I'd just watered, thus the drops on the leaves.  Before this Friday I'll remove the cover for the season.  It's forecasted to get into Judy's temps... yep the big 8-0!  I don't believe it but it'll be hot.

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