Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May 28, 2008

Long day.  Very little gardening to speak of, but it was a good day regardless.  I went to the theatre tonight with my wife.  We saw Aida at .  Amazing cast, great vocals, incredible music.  All around great production and a perfect end to the season!  I wish you could all see it.

Anyway, I need to pick up some DE, because I've got to keep the carpenter and soil ants from ruining my garden.  Speaking of my garden, I only saw it long enough to throw some water on it this morning when I was already late for work. I'll do the same tomorrow.  Mostly I wanted to do as Judy suggested and post a few pics I took of my garden on my new phone.

The first pic is of my garden, showing my new trellis, my SWC and two of my beds...

Everything seems to be taking to the trellis well, and if you look close at the square right next to the SWC you can see the extra cucumbers I planted. They all sprouted indoors so I couldn't just kill them.  That means I only get 3 SF of pole beans. Hopefully with my 4 SF of bush beans we'll have enough to freeze for winter.

I thought about keeping you in suspense over my best bed, but since it's in the above photo, it's hard to do that, so here's a picture of my greens.  This is AFTER I harvested two huge salad's worth.  Now you see why I'm crazy to have planted more lettuce in bed #2...

It's tough to see much beyond the hedge of spinach but there is salad bowl, italiansheir and red sails lettuce from left to right in the middle.  Oh yeah, I actually had a huge salad for lunch today. It was my first of the season at work, and I had to show off to my buddies that are garden-friendly (rather than the ones that make fun of my garden /sigh).  I just had to laugh when  I opened the fridge at work and saw my gallon zip-lock bag of fresh mixed greens right next to a "bag of salad" that probably cost close to $10.  And mine looked SO MUCH better.  MUAHAHAHAHA!~

My favorite parts of this next picture are the rings of radishes growing around my broccoli. That and how well the peas are taking to the trellis with just a little coaxing from me. I don't have any idea what I'm going to do when the 5 SF of lettuce is ready to harvest, hehe. 

Finally, here's a pic of my most active bed...

I say active because I've replanted squares of radishes already.  I know I should have augmented with compost but I decided to chance it with just some veggie fertilizer mixed in a week before replanting.  I should have some radishes ready to harvest again in a week or so. Much faster than last time, hehe.

Lastly, since these are on my phone it is so cool. I can zoom in and pan around on the phone and point out individual radishes or cucumber plants that are growing their next set of leaves.  The pics are THAT good on my phone. Not bad for a 2 megapixel camera...

Enjoy your garden!

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