Saturday, May 31, 2008

May 31, 2008

Fun day.  Not much gardening happened, but I did harvest nearly all my spinach.  About 10% I just tossed in the garbage pail because it wasn't worth salvaging for infection.  The rest got carefully cut up and washed, along with a ton of lettuce to fill two big gallon sized bags. One of spinach and one of mixed lettuce.  We took it to the BBQ at our friends house.  She was the one that told me to read Mel's book in he first place. 

There she showed me how her garden is doing. She doesn't have a garden like mine. No beds, mostly edible landscaping. She has potted apple trees, multiple varieties of dwarf and semi-dwarf blueberry bushes, pea trellises against the walls of their new hot tub house.  It's very pretty.  It apparently cost more than they wanted but is definitely worth it.

The good news is that she still hasn't planted lettuce. I wasn't going to ask if it's too late to plant lettuce, but maybe our mild climate works or she's shading it.  I'll have to see.  So when my salad barely got touched (there was another salad there), I gave the rest to them to use up over the next week.  We still have more that we can pick and need to keep at least the spinach well pruned to keep on top of the infection. 

Tomorrow's actually pretty busy so I'm not sure how much gardening is going to happen this weekend.  Although I'm having fun, I hope your gardens are getting more attention than mine, hehe.

The only pic I got for you today is of my irises. They're finally blooming en-mass. We've got a 2 foot deep row of them in front of my rose garden across from the blueberries and the potato bins.  Unfortunately they don't bloom when the roses do because it would be an amazing shot if they did...


 Enjoy your garden!

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  1. I've not had much time for my garden at all this spring. But really that's what Mel's idea is all about. It's supposed to make the garden easier and only require a little time each week to weed/seed/harvest/water.

    It's great! :)

    And yes we have way to much greens too. I over seeded in my lettuce areas and have collected tons of baby greens by thinning out the squares and still have tons of huge heads of lettuce as well as a produce bag of lettuce in the crisper and a salad spinner full of washed/cut lettuce. Yikes! Oh well it goes well on my sandwiches.

    I'm starting to get green strawberries so we're looking forward to those. Although with this rain they might end up as July instead of June bearing. :)