Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9, 2008

Today is square one.  That's what it feels like anyway.  Hehe all my discoveries today came in ones...

First off, it was 60 degrees and sunny, so when I got home I was greeted by... no one.  But when I put down my brief case my youngest came to the screen door and said daddy, outside.  Hehe my family couldn't even wait for me to get home. The kids were out playing and my wife traded places so she could get stuff done inside. 

My first stop was to check on my potato bins.  The Yukon Golds have every seed potato accounted for. They may be smalls sprouts but they're sprouts.  The Buttes on the other hand, are nearly ready for more dirt they've grown so much.  However, what's missing in this picture?

If you said the top right corner is awfully lacking in green, you'd be dead on.  You see, some of the seed potatoes I got were on the small side.  But they all had at least two eyes so I didn't think anything of it.  But the seed potato in the ground has not sprouted. And unless someone's got a bright idea, it never will. Drat, I sish I could break up that middle one and transplant it to the corner. What a waste of space.  So out of all my seed potatoes, "one" didn't sprout.

Next on my mini garden tour was my corn, which isn't doing so well. It seems just because they sprout in coffee filters doesn't mean they'll poke right out of the dirt a week after you plant them.  /sigh I hope they do.  Grrr.  Anyway, the radishes are doing well.  but when I was watering I had to do a double take.  FINALLY "one" of my cuke seeds sprouted!!!  Unfortunately I have no idea which it was, likely one of the pickeling varieties that Toasty gave me, but I didn't lable each square with the variety, I only labled the row cukes.  Dumb.

Next up was to water my peas, which are doing quite well as you saw yesterday.  But low and behold, "one" of my three squares worth of bush beans has sprouted!  Can you see a pattern here?  That's why I'm back to square "one" hehe.

I'll leave you with a cute conversation my wife and I had today.  If it was a hint she did poorly conveying it, but she had to mention how she loves looking at the tulips in peoples yards.  Ours are scattered randomly by squirrils so we've got just a few.  Certainly not enough to please her.  So she asks me if it's ok if we plant tulip bulbs around some of our trees.  I'm not entirely sure if tulips rob nutrients from trees or not.  Research is in order on that one.  Gotta make her happy. Tis my job!

Enjoy your garden!


  1. Hi there, Tulips around your trees will cause no problems at all. I have a long hedge that I under planted with Daffodils and it looks very nice. It gives some interest when the leaves have not sprout from the hedge or in your case trees.

  2. All my neighbors have tulips everywhere including around their trees. Wish I had some but just moved here last Feb. with no clue as to what would come up - did get some daffodils, but I miss my tulips from my old house. Your potatoes are looking good!