Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1, 2008 Part two...

I got tired of updating my ever lengthening post today, so when I decided it was time to finally research the Triple Crown Blackberry that everyone raves about, I wanted to share what I learned. 


First off, it's a prolific producing, large sweet fruit, thornless blackberry variety that grows 12-15 feet tall and 6 feet wide, so it needs a trellis.  In other words, the Triple Crown and Himalayan are diametrically opposed.

I couldn't find it with Territorial, so I'm skeptical that it will work in my climate.  I did find a link to GardenWeb's California gardening section, but their 8b is NOTHING like our 8b, hehe. 

Then I got to thinking, if I could grow it here, where could I put a 12-foot trellis.  The only place is in the garden area because I've got two stories there.  Unfortunately that's where my beds are and I already am planning on trellises there.  THEN I thought, well, maybe I could put them betweenthe beds...  I seriously doubt it would work, but I could easily nessle a 1x1 or 1x2 box in the path ways between the beds and run a trellis up to just under the upstairs bedroom window.  Hehe, heck if I made the trellis strong enough, the kids could use it in case of an emergency. The vines are thornless after all.  Just kidding. 

I just read that at least with the Apache variety, you shouldn't plant near tomatoes, which is right where I'd be planting them.  The Triple Crown didn't say anything but again, I'm concerned.

I know, I shouldn't think about more projects but I am really loving this gardening.  Funny that I still don't care much for flowers (though I am excited about my marigolds that Judy's sending me, since they help tomatoes). 

This isn't a near-term thing, I'm just doing research to see if there's a better way to get my blackberry jelly.  Oh, by the way, apparently my mom had more so I have another jar of both plum and blackberry. Yum!

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