Monday, March 3, 2008

March 3, 2008

Quick post for tonight as I've been up late researching Raccoon solutions.  My mom's friend that warned me against doing corn with raccoons around (we've got a family that uses my yard as a highway).  If it were attractive, I'd put razor wire around the fence where my garden is, hehe.  Boy am I worried.  They walk right by my blueberry bed and potato bins.  Gotta figure it out.

Speaking of blueberries.  I took a couple of new pics of my bushes and the dead-looking one is looking cool now.  See...

Notice the little wite nodules all over the canes?  I wonder if those are the flower buds that I need to remove to promote root growth rather than berry production.  Also note all the tulip volunteers that we missed (as did the squirrels apparently)!  I hope they don't take away from the nutrients for the blueberries.  Tulips are my wife's thing, the blueberries are mine.  Can't you tell?


  1. nope -- it didn't show up :-( Hmmm.....

    Here's a link to the pic:

  2. Hi -- I just posted some "remedies" that I found in a book that I have had for a couple of years. I posted on the message board. See if you think any of these will work for you.

    Oh I just wanted to see if this will show up on the comments.... it's a pic of what I have for the link on my blog to your gardening blog. I used your garden layout as the background for the pic. If this doesn't work, check out my blog and you'll see the link on the right side of my page :-)

  3. Judy, thank you very much! I will check out the remedies on, and I've already noticed the cool pic on your blog! You are so creative, and you say you can't "draw" HA! I'm lucky I figured out how to list the blogroll in the order I wanted it in!