Tuesday, March 18, 2008

March 18, 2008

Today's weather was quite a bit nicer than in previous days.  So when I got home after work, I took my eldest out to visit our garden.  The problem is, not only has nothing sprouted, one of my two cauliflower seedling's leaves are turning yellow.  Not knowing what to do, I watered it some more.  Mel's Mix seems to dry out very fast.  Maybe I'm watering too much.  I'm so new to this I can't be sure.  I'm definitely giving the seeds and seedlings more than a cup of water a week as the SFG recommends.

So what did I do with the yellowing seedling?  I took the next strongest seedling from my 9 oz cups and planted it right next to the other one.  Survival of the fittist.  If that fails, I'll plant a seed next to that one, but that SF will be planted with cauliflower!

While I was out there, I found two of my onion starts that I never even transferred from the straight vermiculite that were actually growing with no nutrients or even water.  I figured if they could do that in vermiculite, maybe they deserved a chance to grow in dirt.  So I planted them in a third onion square (two have seeds already).  I'm not expecting much from them, but if they grow, great!

Today at work I chatted with a fellow gardener and we came up with a potential multitasker to detract coons from our gardens.  I had already planned on making PVC hoop covers to extend my growing season with 3-mil plastic over it.  So while we were talking about it, it came to us that if we put chicken wire over the hoop cover it may keep out raccoons also.  AB would be proud of my multitasker! May have to give it a try?

Tonight on the internet I found some great sites for blueberries that I put on Ft2Garden.com (thanks SouthSounder!).  I also found a potato post where I previously talked about my Build-As-You-Grow bins (not "mine" but you get the point).  Well it seems quite a few people saw my page devoted to them and were interested enough to build some themselves.  That's awesome!  Now they better work or there's a whole bunch of people that will be unhappy with me.  It does say I'm new at this on the font page, right? Check! Whew!

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