Saturday, March 15, 2008

March 15, 2008

The ides of March!  Maybe that's why after getting back late last night and checking on the garden this morning, nothing had sprouted.  I can now say that broccoli and cauliflower sprout so fast only in 70 degree temperatures.  They should be up by now, especially the radishes that should almost be done by now, hehe.

I'm not worried, just impatient.  Mother Nature took good care of my plants while I was away. Apparently it rained just about every day, keeping the ground moist. 

Still no potato seeds from Territorial.  I may have to get them locally next year.  Live and learn.  They were so fast with the seed packets.  After seeing GardenGirlTV's latest video on growing potatoes, I am really excited about trying out my Build-As-You-Grow bins.  I've even seen some folks talking about them.  I sure hope they work as well as the Times article suggested they would.  I have a feeling people would blame me if they were a dismal failure.  hehe

Speaking of GGTV, I saw she actually signed up as a member at  She's already something of a legend over there thanks to her amazing videos and all-out intensive garden in an urban setting.  Very cool.  Now if I could only convince her to build UP with her beds where the potatoes are.  She could REALLY grow a big crop then!  Not that I expect her to take advice from a newbie gardener trying out something for the first time.

Well, time to play with the kids and unpack my bag from the trip.  Enjoy!

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