Monday, March 10, 2008

March 10, 2008

Well, mother nature smiled upon my garden since I planted yesterday.  We've had more rain in the last 24 hours than the last week.  She must have known it was planting season.

Anyway, if you read my last post, you know I spaced on the spacing of my spinach (I love illiteration).  Well, today I did 10 minutes of gardening when I got off work.  It was raining but true Seattleites won't let rain bother them.  I couldn't very well move spinach seeds, but I could easlily manipulate the decaying peat pots.  So I broke them all up and left 4 in the original area and moved six to a corner section of the spinach row that I knew I hadn't planted anything yet.  See how pretty they look now that I have good spacing? If too many seeds germinate I can always thin them out or transplant them to other squares.


Anyhow, after pinging Toasty about my pea problems (I only soaked them for an hour instead of overnight when they would have sprouted).  She figures I did no harm but not much good either.  So I didn't help my peas along much.  Hopefully the drounding I gave them yesterday (and today), along with Mother Nature's help, they will keep up with Toasty's germination rate.  If they're more than a week later than hers, she suggests I replant.  Apparently she planted some in late April once and still got a decent crop.  Boy am I glad I have a Seattle contact as a sounding board.  As great as Judy and the rest of the folks are at, Toasty's got experience in my town growing what I'm growing.  That's invaluable. 

Finally, I found more worms that have bitten the dust.  I'm not sure if Flatlander can advise me but I sure hope he can. He's the closest thing I know to the Worm Guy.


  1. I just looked back over my blog. I did a really bad job noting things last year, but, I think I planted the pre-sprouted peas probably 5/13, and they started breaking ground 5/20. First harvest, 7/20. But, I was really busy and didn't pick them as early as I could have.

    It'll be neat to see how our gardens mirror (or not) each other. Really curious about that corn.

  2. That's great to hear that they germinate so fast, and are available for harvest so soon. Maybe it was the hot weather (relatively so) of summer vs. spring, but if I can have a harvest in mid June through summer, that would be amazing! I've got 4 SF devoted to three different types (Snap, snow and shelling). If I could even freeze some for the winter that would be even better. Maybe we'll become tired of them come fall and I can use them for winter storage.

    I totally agree that I want to compare our gardens over time. You being the experienced gardner in Seattle and I'm the novice from the far north (15 miles to be precise). And for my corn, it will either be a bumper crop or a total bust. Not much in between this year I figure.