Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5, 2008

Happy birthday to me.... hehe.  Ok, NOW I'm really 36 and as of a month ago my son's now 4.  So I jumped the gun on the intro.  He's super smart and I'm getting old.  Hehe.

So it appears that the blooms or whatever on my blueberries should stay for at least a little while.  Then I must decide whether or not to remove them to force the plant to grow stronger rather than produce fruit this year.  Since that was always my plan, I will likely do that.

Well, yesterday morning I put out my sprouting spinach plants to rest on the board between my raised beds to get natural sun and start hardening off immediately so I could plant them this weekend.  Then what happens?  We get a heavy frost last night.  Didn't get down to freezing or anything, just frost.  They're in little peat egg carton like pots planted with Mel's Mix, so hopefully the little seedlings (a centimeter or two tall) were protected enough.  The broccoli and cauliflower seedlings actually appear to be doing a bit better now.  Who knows. 

This weekend I'll plant them.  Too bad I won't have supplemented with worm castings like Judy will have.  She found them for under $4 per 10 pound bag at Wally World.  We checked ours in the Seattle area and they just gave my wife a funny look.  No dice here for worm castings. hehe.

Actually I just checked the 5-day forecast and alas, nice weather until the weekend then rain.  Maybe I'll plant in the rain.  I won't melt after all.  Besides, the 4th and 5th day of a 5 day forecast in Seattle is pure guesswork.  Here's hoping for the best.


  1. Happy Birthday! So, you're a March-baby, too. My birthday will be in a week. I was going to ask if you needed to update your bio already. ;)

  2. Happy Unbirthday Toasty! As for updating my bio, I spaced when I wrote it and added a year to my age, so NOW it's accurate. I was close.