Friday, March 28, 2008

March 28, 2008

I'm going to keep this really short as it's actually one hour into the 29th.

Quick update: We got slushy snow all day here with about a half inch of slush accumulation on my hoop cover.  It is leaning pretty bad and heavily laiden with chunky water, but it's holding up well enough that I'll wait til tomorrow to fix it.

I've decided I'll go get 5 inch sections of 3/4 inch pipe and attach them to the inside of my beds at appropriate intervals.  That way I can use them like flag pole stands and place my 1/2 inch hoop pipes inside them for much better stability. 

As for making a better seal with the plastic (not so important to keep frost off, but it will be for the mini-green house aspect this coming fall/winter), Judy suggested something interesting that I'll have to be more awake to understand.  More on that at or tomorrow when I'm lucid.

Tomorrow is also the day when I install the Y to my faucet in the backard and attach the temporary hose to the underside of my house against the slab.  Then when I reach the garden area, I'll lock it off and coil it up for use to water until we've got the deck started. Then I'll put a PVC solution in place that'll be permanent.  I just hope my dad who's helping doesn't decide to come over early...

Lastly, while I was out tonight, I came across a great container for Winter Sowing.  It's a clear salad green container from the grocery store. It's about a foot, by 5 inches by 7 inches deep. It should hold 3+ inches of soil no problem.

Well, I'm feeling that I'm missing something, but I can't think of it, so tomorrow's another day (or later today). Night Night!

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  1. Glad to hear that your mini-greenhouse held up well in the snow! That's great news. I think the high arch probably helped the snow to fall off and to the sides :-)

    I've really got to go over and check out the winter sowing forum.... I know nothing about WS at all.....