Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 31, 2008

After seeing Judy's lot, I felt the need to counter her situation with my own.  I'm quite proud of what I found ten years ago in a city where the average lot size is 6,000 SF.  Mine is almost twice that size.  That said, 75% of my lot is unusable space in the front yard.  I just can't see growing veggies in the front yard. 

At the bottom middle of the image it shows the triangular section on the side of my house that we transformed into Sinfonian's SFG.  It's only a tiny portion of my yard in front of my garage and right next to my property line, but it's a great spot for me to get away from my hectic life and do something great for my family.

Of course in this view the garden wasn't built, but at least the sidewalks were in, which beats Google Earth.  But what you can see is that my backyard gets great sun until the sun moves behind the 100+ foot trees that makes up the green belt behind the house on the bottom left. That's mostly concerning for my blueberries and potato bins.  They still get full sun, but it's less than optimal. Oh, and if I had my way I'd remove the tree in the bottom right as well, but that's my neighbors and he's cool.

So I'm growing everything that I can in my 130 SF of garden space.  Now if only the weather would get better and let my seeds get to it...  Now back to drool over Judy's lot...


  1. Awesome yard! Wow, lots of beautiful trees too -- unlike any we have down here. You did great considering the size of your yard and house compared to the other lots :-) I looked at your house on the link that you had posted and you even have a wonderful park right in your back yard almost! That place is huge. Can you get into the park through your back yard? That looks like the perfect place for throwing the ball or even having a picnic.

    I bet you'll be surprised too about how much you'll be able to harvest out of your 130 sf :-)

  2. How did you get an angle on photo? This is driving me nuts, my shot though is almost entirely covered by trees you can't even tell my house is there, and my garden is in shade.


  3. Hehe Judy, the grass is always greener... I think your trees are amazing. We've got evergreens coming out our ears in the Evergreen State. I haven't seen an Oak tree that I can recall.

    As for the park, it's separated by that dense greenbelt/wetland where the blackberries are. We have a gate that leads out there but we've allowed nature to take over the path to get to the park because it was a haven for questionable activity. Now we don't need a lock on our gate and to replace fence posts regularly. And yes, the park will be a great place to play ball and it has a couple of picnic cabanas. The playground is a bit wimpy for the kids now, but the park will be better when they're older. It's got a backstop and everything.

    Patti, I used (Microsoft's version of Google Earth). It has a more current pic of my house than Google and I could get a bit closer zooming in. I had to download the 3D version which took a while. Then I chose bird's eye view. That's how I got the pic.