Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

Ok, wow, I'm shocked.  First I found out I was mentioned in a newsletter.  The very next day I find out a truly famous gardener not only found my site, but reads it regularly (and Judy's of course, but that makes sense), and even put it in her newsletter that probably goes out to thousands (even if my name's spelled wrong).  Note to Judy, boost the bandwidth or whatever, just kidding, nobody's going to come here.  In case you're still wondering who it is that graces my blahg... three words for you... Urban Sustainable Living!  That's right, none-other-than the one, the only, GardenGirlTV! Patti Moreno of Boston.

I remember staying up until the wee hours of the morning the night I found her videos.  I must have watched them all that night.  And in my sleep deprived stupor, I remember thinking it would be really great to build my own chicken tractor.  Forget the fact I don't have chickens, not sure I'd want them and don't think I can have them where I live.  hehe  Yes, her videos are not only well produced shorts, but they're extremely addictive!  I find myself checking her YouTube site almost nightly.  Sick, but not wrong!  I also admit to (on occasion) checking her friends sites to see if or Judy's or my blog made the grade.  Never expecting that we would, but I checked anyway. 

Well tonight I went out and lightly moistened the ground (please someone comment to stop me if I'm watering too much) before it started raining and I had this redundant feeling. Nothing's changed, but this is teaching me patience even better than my 4 year old.  I guess it's probably good for me.  Well, something did change I guess. I found a 3 inch diameter paw print in the dirt. Just one, but the raccoon probably crawled across my carrot plank. Guess it's time to try out that coyote urine this weekend.  That's one big coon!

Then I went upstairs and hung out the window overlooking the garden and sprayed a second round of wasp killer into the eve there.  I've got 737 wasps there and I don't want them killing the bees off.  I actually saw a big bee about two weeks ago.  I felt bad that I had nothing to "feed" it, but it was fat so I didn't feel too bad.  I just wanted it to come back when I had something to pollinate.

Speaking of seeing bees early. I read an article today that mentioned that a scientifically demonstrable effect of global warming is that Spring is coming earlier and earlier.  Hay fever sufferers like myself will note that the Claritin was pulled to the front of the medicine cabinet about a month ago due to the insane tree pollen floating around.  The article went on to state that a special type of honey back East has always had a reddish tint to it due to the flowers that the bees took pollen from.  Now the bees are out earlier and thus, taking pollen from different plants that are blooming now. So the honey has a completely different tint to it.  Guess one more effect of global warming is that whichever company markets that honey has to change it's label. GRRRR

So I'm trying not to get nervous, but Toasty's peas have sprouted days ago and mine still haven't poked their little stems out yet.  I know I should have dug them up and replanted with seeds I soaked overnight.  I just know it.  Well, my co-worker says she always direct sows her peas dry as a bone, and hers always come up.  Again, patience is a virtue. 

Finally, GardenGirl said she is "watching" my progress on my Build-As-You-Grow bins to see what happens when I harvest.  That's why she didn't take the plunge despite my pleas in multiple places for her to take the plunge.  I told her that is why I moved the bins from my original design location of inside my gravel garden area to the dirt covered area near my fence.  I plan (and recommend) to use a tarp when I remove a board. Lay it down around the bin and any dirt that comes out can be put back with a garden trowel or saved for the next covering.  And if any dirt does escape the tarp, then no harm no foul.  I really think GardenGirl is waiting to see if I get a similar harvest to her raised bed and hay route.  Per SF I'll cream her... game on!  hehe just kidding.  When I've got a million people interested in my garden like hers, then I can talk.

Well, I'm excited right now.  Which is good because my wife's got me labeling baby stuff for a Mom's baby-garage sale this Friday.  Busy evening.  Enjoy!


  1. What, huh? My peas sprouted? When???

    Sorry for the false alarm, but mine are still below ground. Just that one poor half-eaten pea that was picked out. No loops of pea sprouts yet.

  2. Sinfonian, what kind of name is that anyway? You win, I am not planting potato this year :), but if I was boy you would be in trouble. I have chicken sh*t and you don't na na, na boo boo. My birds are illegal here too, I just bribe all my neighbors with eggs and veggies. (by the way, my peas have sprouted).

    Yes I am watching you to see your yield and how you deal with the mess. Better to learn from your mistakes than make them myself :). I hope it works though, because if it does I will try it next year for sure.



  3. Sinfonian is a member of a professional men's music fraternity named Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, or Sinfonians for short. I was a proud member in college and try to be an active alumni. It wasn't a greek fraternity. We just enjoyed music... listening and performing. My favorite part was the serenades we did. We would arrange a bunch of contemporary and classic pop/rock songs for 4 part men's harmony and performed them for the sororities and some retirement communities, schools etc. It was so much fun. I have been using Sinfonian as an online name ever since, so when I started gardening, I just kept using it. No other reason.

    Ok, now on to the potato part of your post. WHAT DO YOU MEAN you're not planting potatoes? We all saw your videos. Does that mean you are re-using footage? Hmmm? Hehe, just kidding. We all saw you harvesting the potatoes mid-video. So no potatoes this year huh? Then I guess you'll just have to live vicarously through us Build-As-You-Growers... muahahaha!

    As for chicken poo, I've got Cedar Grove compost, and will be picking up worm castings. I'll let Flatlander duke it out with you over which is better, chicken or worm poo... I just know they don't call castings gold for nothin'!

    For the mess, it's a tarp to collect it, then turn the tarp into a funnel into a bucket and then if I'm putting it back in the bin mid-section due to robbing the new potatoes, I'll just use the removed 2x6 as a shelf or cutting board to scrape the dirt back in. It may end up being a 2 person job, but that's what I've got a 4 year old for. hehe

    Lastly, to have GardenGirl learning ANYTHING from me is a true honor! I could count all day how many things I've learned from you.