Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14, 2008

Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day.  After I've mowed and finished cleaning up the yard of tree debris.  My tomatoes spent the day outside in the 45 weather and rain, because they'll be in that sooner or later.  I just brought them in at dark and they're looking a bit droopy.  Probably a bit much water. Maybe tomorrow I'll stick them under the eve of my house where it stays dry but gets sun and wind. 

Tonight was a blog reading night.  I don't have much to say other than gardening friends of mine have been just as busy as I have been.  Spring is here and gardeners are out all over. 

When the weather improves. I'll take my kids for a walk for a few blocks to see a house that JUST built 4 or 5 raised bed boxes.  Can't wait to talk gardening to them!

Lastly, I noticed that I hadn't shared my brother's newly weeded garlic bed.  It's growing nicely!  If only he could harvest now so he could replant more veggies.

Notice his over-winter cover crop in the other bed?  He' just cut it down and will till ALL that into a 6 inch bed. He's going to get a LATE start this year.  Of course my beds are planted but doing squat.  What we need is a few more days like our 80 degree one.  Not going to happen. /Sigh


  1. Wow your brothers garlic looks awesome. What was his overwintered crop? And do you know when he planted both of these? The garlic I put in last year never came up. I suppose it rotted.

    I planted out my tomato seedlings in the mist on Sunday but built little plastic covered boxes for them so they are staying fairly dry and reasonably warm. I've heard they really don't like to get wet as it can cause various diseases. Last year mine weren't covered and they did fine but I figured this year I would try to protect them a bit more.

    Yikes it was 38 again Monday night. They looked okay after the cold and rain. I actually only had time to plant 6 of 9 so the other 3 are still in their little 2" pots but sitting in the same plastic boxes. Now I need to get my trellis up soon before they get too much sun and shoot up.

    Well I have lettuce sprouting everywhere and the next batch of peas were breaking through yesterday. Still no carrots though. And I'm hoping the zucchini from last weekend will come up soon.

    My basil and bell peppers seedlings in the house still have only the smallest little true leaves. Some day they will get to see the real sun and hopefully pick up the pace.

  2. James, he planted a mix of a few grasses and beans that are designed to not grow to maturity, but be mixed in as green compost in the spring. He planted both after he harvested everything last fall.

  3. Wow that garlic is beautiful! I think I am now thoroughly convinced that I'm going to have to try and grow some garlic next year. We love it in my house -- I don't use the fresh stuff much, but I use lots of garlic powder. So I'll just have to switch over to using cloves instead. You know what, I bet that those greens on the top of that garlic would be SO GOOD in a salad.... Ask your brother how they taste...