Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!  Last Saturday it was 80 degrees. Six days later it's 34 and we have 4 inches of snow!  On April 18, 2008 we broke a record.  The last time it snowed this late was April 17, 1972.  I was just over a month old and recently home from the hospital.  I can only imagine my mom carrying me on her shoulder telling me how pretty the snow was as my brother was out making a snowman.  He was 4 at the time.  Today, my 4 year old played in the snow and made a snowman all by himself. 

Thank goodness I prepared my beds last night.  The peas, broccoli and radishes were uncovered and will remain that way. They're tough, they can handle it.  But my corn. There's the problem.  As I said before, I couldn't lift my 4x8 cold frame by myself without breaking it.  I figured I had tonight to put it over the corn because snow wasn't forecast until tomorrow.  Boy was I wrong. 

As you can see, the bed's got 2-3 inches of snow on it.  We raked back most of the snow from where the corn was planted, then placed the cold frame over it.

Funny how the frame is being held up by the snow-pack underneath. The frame is not even touching the bed.  Hopefully the snow will melt soon and make a seal.  And hopefully the corn is hearty enough to survive.  If not I will need to replant. Then I will run out of corn seeds and need to buy more. 

Here are a few more shots taken at 9:30. Sorry, the flash isn't that great on those camera phones.  Enjoy and hope for Spring to come to Seattle...

Back yard 4-18-08

Here's my back yard, minus a cherry tree with my plum tree next to my shed.

Collapsed Lilac Bush

Here's a collapsed lilac bush that I'm toying with getting rid of if it causes a shadow on my corn.  Now it's IN my garden, hehe.

My front yard. Even the dogwood is drooping due to the weight of the snow.

Well I'm going to change into dry clothes and watch a movie.  Night all. Hope it's warmer where you're at!


  1. WOW... you guys got REAL snow... we got maybe 1/2" - 1" of those little pre-snow foamballs (much like dippin dots) that melted into slush. When I got home, I dusted off the melting ice from my beds. It never ceases to amaze me how 10 miles north makes such a huge difference. The irony is that I don't have any warm weather crops planted outside. ;)

  2. You are certainly getting your fill of learning about gardening this year. Snow....ouch!! I just hope it doesn't discourage you to go foreward, these late snow storms do happen every once in awhile, but its not the norm. Hang in there, better and warmer days are coming.

  3. Wow, that is some freaky weather! You are definately haveing a tough start, I agree with Alberta, hang in there!