Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

TAX DAY!  Hope you got yours filed, because if you didn't, you won't get your freebee money this summer that nobody's going to spend so it won't do bubkus for the economy.  I actually filed today because I was worried I had an error and needed to check something.  Part of my refund will be used for the deck...

Anyway, I've got 3 minutes to finish this post before it's the 16th, so I'll make this short and sweet.  I saw sprouts!  Very few seeds have sprouted, but it's a start.  My new spinach, replant peas, and lettuce are all showing itty bitty green.  Very cool. 

The tomatoes are too wet, so when I got home I moved them to the dry spot under the eve where my water hose is going.  It still gets light, but not all the rain.  If they need water I'll water.

Really short. Night all.

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  1. Loved what you said about the freebee money. Oh well, at least you're getting something back from Uncle Sam; I had to pay, but the way I see it, the freebee is about half of what I owe, so in reality I'm only paying half as much. So I won't be spending the freebee, just replacing what I had to take out of savings. Just a head game I'm playing to make myself feel better.

    I noticed my peas are just breaking the soil. What a lovely sight! I also harvested some spinach this evening.

    I am experimenting with one tomato plant. Instead of putting it in the garden, I'm going to plant it right next to the house in the back. The article I read said that when it is time for frost in the fall, cover it lightly and it should keep producing because being so close to the house will keep it warm. Gonna try it.

    I like your blog.