Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 8, 2008

I'm going through withdrawals... Judy's blog and Ft2Garden.com are still down.  I'm no math genius, but I'm fairly certain it's been more than 24 hours.

Anyway, back to gardening.  The cukes have landed! Toasty and I are doing an in-town lunch and cuke seed swap this week.  She's got some pickling cukes and I just received my shipment of slicers.  Since my wife wants both and apparently so does Toasty and her husband, so we're sharing seeds over lunch.  Gotta love gardening, it brings people together.  I've never met her before, though Ballard was my teenage stomping ground, I doubt she lived there 20 years ago. My god has it been that long?!?

Oh, she's also been so kind as to volunteer a SWC that she had from a while back that she's not using anymore.  I was going to make one and still may, but I love to recycle, reuse yada yada yada, so when she offered I accepted.

Today was weird, we had clouds and rain all day until I got home and then it was beautiful. The plants must be loving it. Well they would love it better if the temperature wasn't 42.  Speaking of temperature. I've got Yahoo Weather bookmarked for my zip code, and faithfully keep track of the 5 day forecast. I don't bother with the extended forecast because even the 5 day is laughable at best.  It's a good indication of frost though.  We're fine for the near future and likely for the season.  That said, I just downloaded a widget for my desktop. It's a little weather box. Gotta love it.


  1. Sinfonian, a better weather website is www.wunderground.com - type in your zip code and you get a lot of info, then scroll to the bottom and look for personal weather stations close to you. You can see a lot better the rainfall amounts and so on with that.

    I have one in my backyard, to see my data go to


    A subscription is 10 bucks a year that gets rid of the ads and gives you a lot more radar data and stuff like that - if I can find you email I can send you a gift membership for the site. Enjoy!

  2. Hi Sinfonian!! The message board is back up!! Yeah! I've spent most of today actually "recreating" it. Long story but we have a message board again. I am still working on my blog some.

    You'll have to go back to the message board and re-register and I will get you approved so you can post again. Talk to you soon!

  3. Where to get the coarse, horticultural grade vermiculite in the Seattle-area in sufficient quantities?

  4. Biff,

    I got mine at Steuber Distributing Company
    308 3rd St
    Snohomish, WA 98290

    I also bought some compost and peat moss there too.

  5. Jon: Very cool site. I found one within a mile of my house, so it's not bad. Good info! Thanks. If you want my email, check out Ft2Garden.com. It's there.

    Biff: I got mine CHEAP in Snohomish at Steuber Distributing. It was $14.50 for 4 cu. ft. bags! I couldn't beat that anywhere I called. I also got full bales of peat moss for $12.50 there.

    Judy: Done, sending you an email...