Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 26, 2008

Short post... The Mariner's won!  Pitching fell apart with the bullpen, grrr, two days in a row, but we had enough of a lead for the putz Putz to hold on by a thread to get the save. Anyway, not important.

I didn't get ANYTHING accomplished off my list except to go to the game.  Instead, my aunt showed up with a dozen plants in pots that she stole from her immaculately landscaped yard. 

Here is a "before" picture of the approximately 4 by 6 area where I had to remove sod to create a rock garden.  My aunt calls them that because she likes to put decorative rocks in them.  A while ago this was a flower bed but it got overgrown with grass and grass reclaimed it, all except the elephant ears at the bottom and the tam at the top.  So I used my favorite took, the pick axe, to root out the sod between the tam, around the elephant ears.  I burned 800 calories doing it and boy was it hard work. That pick is heavy. hehe.

After getting some bags of Sky's bulk Potting Mix and some Summit Mulch, that I hope looks better dry, my aunt and eldest son planted all dozen of her plants.  I was busy so I only snapped a few shots, mostly of my son planting.  Here's my favorite showing more of the bed.

Don't ask me what all the plants she planted are. She told me, but unless it's a veggie, I jus think they're pretty.  Though the 4 little pots he's planting now are supposedly called lamb's ears because the leaves are fuzzy soft like lamb's ears.  It looks good, but it took all day and I didn't get anything else done.  Good thing I still don't need my trellis. It may get built tomorrow. And since Judy's SWC instructions are still down, I can't remember all the steps, so I may not build that either.  Grrr. At least the weather was great!  Let's hope it doesn't rain tomorrow.

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