Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30, 2008

Today was picture day.  I got a call from my youngest mumbling that he wanted to go outside when I got home.  So we got on coats (it's a sweltering 47 degrees and sprinkling) and went out back with my wife's phone.  I got great pics and wanted to share...

Here is a great pic of my spinach in various stages of growth (succession planting).  I was looking for a unit of measurement to show how big they were and my eldest found the perfect one. The biggest plants are half a head high!

Here's another pic under my hoop cover. This one's of my lettuce and cauliflower...

My radishes may be short stemmed, but the bulb is looking great!  They're growing right out of the ground!  Gotta figure out when they're ready to pick...

Here is a less blurry pic of my Butte potato bin... I can't wait for them to gain height to add a board like Judy...

Ok, now for my fruit trees in succession.  First is my plum, then my pear, apple and blueberries.  Love the blooms!

Other than that I am still in search of pallets. Seems most folks that have them in quantity re-use them.  And when they're on craigslist they're gone in a heartbeat.  I may need to find an alternative. I don't mind spending money to build one but it's got to have great airflow.  My grass is in need of a mowing so if I can't find a good solution by this weekend I'll just lay down newspaper on the ground and pile up the clippings and wood chips I saved.  Then I can build around it later. /shrug.

Enjoy your garden!


  1. All of your plants look so beautiful! I just got my first ever garden (obviously my first SFG too) put together recently, and my seeds have been in the ground for about a week - I am very anxious to see some green! I love that you have help from your little ones. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures and the encouragement - keep posting your inspiring pics!

  2. I too have been enjoying your blog for some time now from afar. This is my first season with the SFG (and vegetable gardening generally) and I can identify with some of the struggles you have had. As for the compost, you will not regret it. You should, however, seriously consider a better camera. I am a photographer and a firm believer that your gardens deserve so much better PR :-)