Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008


Sinfonian mourns the loss of both Judy's blog and  Thousands of hours of blood sweat and tears went into the creation of those two sites..  And to think it was all because some server guy wanted to clean things up or something.  If you do that, don't let the backups be overwritten.  Seems a no-brainer to me.

(Yes, I was an EQ guy, EQ1 that is, back before kids... fun times)

I've since backed up my blog using the "view source" feature and pasting it into Word. If I crash, hopefully my wife can recreate it using Front Page.  Not my area.  I just hope we can continue to build on trying to help new gardeners to not make the same mistakes I made.

Oddly enough, gardening continues...

Today was a good garden day.  The weather held when it wasn't supposed to.  We had a high of like 50 today, but it didn't rain (much).  This weekend could be as high as 70, but like Toasty said, we'll believe it when we see it.  That said, I took advantage of the weather when I got home and put my tomatoes outside to harden.  The wind isn't so bad in my little cubby-hole of a garden, but they did flicker a bit.  The temp was 47-50, so not bad.  Not a bad change from the upstairs which is 60 degrees.

I took my tomatoes out for a stroll for the first time.  They were so excited to see their new home... well the lot where their home will be built in the near future.  They spent an hour outside and they seemed to enjoy themselves.  Now they're back upstairs having some "alone time". hehe

Before I get to far ahead, the real reason I had such a good garden day was that I got my pickling cucumber seeds.  Thanks to Toasty, we both have new seeds.  We met up for lunch downtown and traded pickling cukes for slicers.  We had a nice chat about gardening over sandwiches.  This week or weekend my wife and I'll swing by her place and pick up their SWC.  She showed me a picture.  It's gone to the weeds, so I'll clean it up and put it to good use.  Thanks Toasty!  Hope you like those cukes. I know my wife will like yours!

Lastly, while my kids were having the time of their lives playing in the back yard, I took down my hoop cover, betting on good weather from here on out.  Of course I can put it back together in about 10 minutes if need be.  Anyway, here's a pick of my beds now.

I like the way the PVC holders turned out. They stick out less than the 2x4 supports do and don't quite come up to the top of the bec so I can put my coldframe or something on top if I want.

You can't see it in the picture above, but the big bed on the left is teaming with sprouts.  I'm happy with the progress everything's taking, despite the fact that Judy's eating out of hers now and I'm a long ways off that.  About the only sprout you can see above is my best cauliflower.  I'll end on a close-up of it and the peas unfurling in the right-hand bed... then I'll go see if I can help rebuild

Midnight update:  I was getting a drink of water before bed and checked my corn seeds just to see if the sproutlings I saw yesterday had improved.  Not only are they about a half an inch tall stalks, but they are shooting out roots left and right from the peat pucks.  They grew an inch plus in a day!  No pic today because I'm tired.  Night


  1. Nice pictures! Guess that means I ought to update, too. I think your sprouts are as far (further?) along as mine. I noticed something's been nibbling at my sprouts; might be time to put out a ring of coffee grounds and see if that helps. Really hope that the warm spell this weekend will start things growing again.

  2. Hehe, I only took pics of the prize sprouts... You should see my radishes or carrots. Tiny doesn't describe them.

    And please do update. I love reading your blog!

  3. Your tomato plants are looking great! What kind of tomatoes will you be growing? I know that you mentioned the varieties before, but what color/size will they be?

    I just checked out your weather forecast at and it looks like you only have 2 days of rain forecasted for the next 15 days -- so maybe it is going to dry up a bit :-) And they are showing that by the 24th/25th it's going to start warming up quite a bit! I know where you'll be then -- in the garden!

    Cool about your corn seedlings! You'll probably have to get them moved out to the garden quite soon :-)

  4. Alas, I'm boring. I 'm growing garden variety red baseball sized Early Girls and Momomato.

    Thanks for checking the 15 day forecast... but we very may well have snow for all that forecast is good for. We can be relitively confident in tomorrow's forecast but the next day is a crap shoot. Ok, it's not that bad, but close.

    So I should get the corn planted? Only about half of my seeds have germinated. Hmm.