Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!  Though I must say it's grown into Earth Month, at least around here.  We're kinda green like that.  Reflecting back, I can't say I have ever celebrated Earth Day better than this year with my own garden. Everything's natural, green and for the most part either recycled or designed to last forever.  No I'm not perfect.  If I was there'd be nothing to strive for.  My garden is at a good point for me, with just enough projects to keep me busy this year.  Next winter I'll tackle more projects when I get bored, especially if over wintering and winter sowing don't take up much time.

The forecast was for rain today, not showers, but rain.  Instead, we've had overcast to sunny skies all day.  The tomatoes were out for a long walk and I removed the cover from my radishes and onions.  I did that by propping the window against the house to create a steep lean-to over the cucumber squares.  It won't insulate but it will magnify the light.  That's got to count for something.  It was the only thing I could do since my onions were bumping up against the window. I don't want to fry the tops. 

I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but I plan on building hoop covers for at least three of my beds, though probably all of them.  I would have to water by hand, which flies in the face of Earth Day, but the seedlings LOVE the green house environment of a hoop cover.  I had hoped to go tonight to get the supplies, but my wife is out tonight with the van, so I can't go anywhere.  Ah well, I've got tomorrow off.

Tomorrow I get to go to an actual Kangaroo farm and hold joeys and other baby animals.  My kids will love it!  Then I can hopefully spend some time in the garden.  I'd really like to get the hoop covers installed so I can put away the cold frames that aren't working with big seedlings anymore.  Of course I could just build up the cold frames, but then they'd be even heavier than they already are. hehe.

Lastly, in my 5 minute garden tour today after work, I found the start of a potato plant breaking the surface.  It was cracking the sun hardened Mel's Mix so I dug down a quarter inch and found a stalk about the size of a pencil.  Can't be anything but a potato plant (Butte).  Good, because now I can remove the little lettuce looking weeds that are growing up from the bins.  Hehe I didn't know if they were potatoes so I left them.  I know they floated in because they wiggle right out, root and all. They are all over that area. Not sure what plant they are but I'm sure they're not dandelions.  Ah well, out of my bins!

I hope you thought about what Earth Day means to you and what you can mean to the Earth.  I really believe that just one family growing their own garden can make a sizable dent in the challenge of turning the environment around!  Please join me!


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