Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 6, 2008

I think I've spent too much time reading Judy's blog with her separating ideas or periods of time into separate posts for the same day.  I'll take a page from her book for this post.

I'm pretty much settled on what I'm going to do for my tomatoes.  After seeing quite a few examples of how well SWCs work for tomatoes and understanding that vines can be trellised so as not to create a huge bush, the decision was easy.  I need/want the extra 12 SF in my beds.  It'll give me trellis space for pole beans, extra carrot SF and who knows what else.  I have to thank Judy yet again for taking an hour out of her busy weekend to talk to me about gardening in general and our tomatoes in specific.  It's amazing how gardening brings strangers together with a common bond.  Thanks Judy!  I'm not going with dozens of SWCs, but one or two will be part of my garden.

I also thank Toasty for tons of great advice, as well as an offer to pass along her surplus SWC.  For Alberta, you get the War & Peace award for the best novel on tomatoes out there!  Check out for details.

Finally, did you all get GardenGirl's latest newsletter?!?  I can't believe she mentioned Judy's and my blog again, but she also mentioned quite a few others that are definitely worth keeping up with!  Further, her "simple" aquatic seedling system is a phenomenal success.  And you can't forget the Farmer's Almanac Earth Day (month) contest.  You can win a consultation with GardenGirl herself, oh and a great raised bed and tons of Johnny's seeds, but GardenGirl's time is invaluable.  To have a portion of her knowledge would be worth big bucks!  Check it out at Farmer's


  1. You wrote:
    "For Alberta, you get the War & Peace award for the best novel on tomatoes out there! Check out for details."

    LOL, as soon as the site is up again, I'll try to get there and find out what you mean, :)

  2. All I meant by it was you wrote a very long, yet informative post. The story of War & Peace was actually good. I didn't mean that your post was boring, which is the common perception on the novel (I only saw the movie).