Friday, June 27, 2008

Forgot to post my to-do list yesterday so here's a quick make-up post from by Blackberry.

This weekend I'm bacheloring it. My wife is away and the kids are at my in-laws. So I may go into the office or just work in the yard and on the house.

- Plant beans, carrots, radishes and maybe more spinach in the open squares around my beds.
- Finish building my potato bins and add the last dirt. They're really looking good.
- Build a new compost bin. I want to let the full one finish up so I can use it to replant and maybe mulch my rose garden.
- Harvest peas for a meal. I've got tons right now.
- Start the Steve Soloman book about Growing Veggies West of the Cascades. It's been highly recommended. Thanks Tim.
- Mow.
- Then there's a ton of projects around the house that need to get done and would benefit from an empty house. Too many to list.

Weather's supposed to be in the 80s so we'll see.

Enjoy your garden!

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  1. The nice thing about adding a second bin to your current bin should be nothing more than two or three more pallets and some deck screws...