Sunday, June 22, 2008

June 22, 2008

Well, for the first time in a week I had the energy to go out in the yard and actually do work.  Mostly because it was the last day of the weekend and it was now or never.  I started the day digging a 2 foot deep hole immediately adjacent to a cedar tree stump, most of it with a pick axe to cut through roots.  We planted a bush fushia next to my potato bins. It apparently blooms all summer long.  That's my kind of plant.  I love rhodies, but they bloom for such a short period of time that it's kind of a letdown.  It still hasn't stopped me from spending hours trying to track down a warlock or some-such-variety that has the most amazing midnight and purple flowers it's incredible.  If I could find one I'd get it.  I've got the perfect spot for it where we had to take out the dead willowy thing.

After we planted the fushia, we tackled the huge rhodie that needed to be hacked back to give me room to get by the swingset to take my yard waste container to the compost bin, and also so we can let the kids play out back without supervision and yet still see them.  Ok, that was a major sentance, one they'd never let me get away with at work, but heck, that's how I write.  Anyway, that took up the balance of the day.  Not the trimming, we only took about a third of the plant to try to shape it such that we can see through it but it still gives shade to the patio, kinda like a rhodie tree.  What took so long was chipping it up for the compost pile.  We did fill a yard waste container with junk I didn't want in the compost. 

I hate to say this but my major discovery today wasn't made by me, but my mom.  I was busy shredding and we had a dinner date with the in-laws so I wanted to bring a salad using up the last of my bolted spinach.  So I sent her to pick a salad for me.  She comes back a minute later and pulls me away to show me something...


TADA! Finally I've got a cauliflower head forming.  Of course its in my biggest plant, but that just means the others can't be far behind, which is perfect timing. I'll have cauliflower for weeks on end, not all at once.  And look at it, the cute little leaves are alreayd sheltering it and it's pure white.  My mom said she'd help show me how to tie it up. She's grown cauliflower before. 

She also came up to me later and put something in my mouth. I was surprised to find it was a snow pea.  Apparently just because they're small doesn't mean they're not ready.  It was very tasty with just a hint of sweetness. Yum! 

Also I decided to remove all the little apples from my tree. Even at a nickel sized, they were weighing down the branches too much.  I might not even let the apples grow next year to allow it to grow.

Well, my compost was almost ready for use.  Until I added tons of shredded leaves and branches.  Ah well, it should cook up quick enough. Hehe.

Enjoy your week, and your garden!

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