Sunday, June 29, 2008

June 29, 2008

Whew, today was a scorcher. Almost made me not want to be in the yard and garden... I say ALMOST.  hehe.  But first, I just have to nention the slew of comments I've been getting.  Not only is the information excellent (if you don't read the comments, please do), but folks have been coming out of the woodwork.  So many people have commented for the first time.  It put a smile on my face that isn't going away any time soon.  Thank you!  Hehe, of course now I'm confused about tomato suckers, hehe.  Good thing they're all gone as of today.  Thank you all for your thoughts.  I love hearing from all of you.

So, today.  Well I woke up early and read more of my garden book, relaxing and petting the cat.  It was relaxing, just like Father's Day was supposed to be. I could do whatever I wanted... I just had to make my own smoothie, hehe.  Anyway, it was relaxing up until I heard the garage door open.  Then it was a scramble to get ready. My folks didn't call first, they just came over to finish chipping up the branches.  Boy was it a hot one, even that early in the morning.  And unfortunately at that hour there was no shade.  Here's the new compost bin full of chips, not nearly as much as all the branches we cut, hehe.

And here's the old bin that's not quite done, but won't heat up.  I figure to heat up beyond 130 degrees I need more material, but I don't want to add anything, hehe.  It's a conundrum...

Does it look done to you?  It kinda looks like Joe's compost that he told me to look at to decide if mine was done.  Not sure what else I need to do with it, but I do want to use it to mulch in the rose garden. What the heck, I've got tons and am making more as we speak, hehe.  Note that I am finding that with the hot weather I am needing to add water to the bins regularly. In fact I need to water everything more frequently.  hehe. Go figure.

When we were done everyone was beat and hot, so they left and I remembered my promise to have a salad for lunch.  My greens are overflowing and I don't want them to get too "woody" on me.  So I came up with creative take on my standard salad.  I cooked up some chicken strips and cut them up on top of my salad.  Doesn't this look tasty?

All that's missing are tomatoes and cucumbers, but those aren't ready yet.  I just have got to get used to doing without what's not in season.  The PtF folks are good at that, and the book I'm reading by Steve Solomon talks about eating what your garden produces year round.  I'm not very far into it, but I'm encouraged that when I'm done I'll have a much better idea on how to garden year-round in Seattle.  That's very good news!

As I was cleaning up the back yard getting ready to mow (boy do the kids have tons of toys on the lawn), I just had to take some pics of my rose garden.  As much as I complain about the placement of colors and the overgrowing morning glories, you have to admit it is beautiful!

And here's a shot from the other side. Unfortunately my wife tried to kill it by leaning the kiddie pool against it, breaking a few of the branches.

I'm thinking about putting strawberries under the bathroom window.  I've got a concrete box already built for them.  It's the old foundation for the bathoom that we shrunk down when we rebuilt it last year.  It would be a nice little 1x5 box that no runner's going to get out of. hehe.  It's a thought.

After lunch I mowed the lawn.  It didn't need it as badly as I thought it did.  I hardly filled one yard waste container, which of course went on top of the branch chips and the contents of my kitchen compost bucket. I've been saving it for the new bin.  Speaking of the kitchen compost, we put tons of browns and greens in it (tissues/paper towels and fruit/veggie scraps) and yet it NEVER smells.  It's amazing!

By the time I was done with the lawn, the family was home and my bachelor weekend was over.  My eldest was a crank after a rare nap (he always wakes up on the wrong side of the bed) and the youngest was ALL about Daddy, even before my shower.  Ewww, hehe.  That's love for ya!

So the weekend's over. Let's see what I didn't get to from my to-do list.  Well, the peas are still on the vine. I was so hungry that we went bad for us. Tomorrow I hope to have a nice sit-down meal with fresh peas as part of dinner.

Enjoy your garden!

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