Thursday, June 5, 2008

June 5, 2008

Well, I found a little larva, it poped when i squished it. Ewww.  It was on the spinach I picked.  Grrr. I've decided I will definitely build cages and cover them with insect cloth to put under my hoop cover when I plant the spinach squares next year.  Hopefully that helps, though if it's in the dirt it'll get inside the cage.  I'll just keep an eye out for the flies and do something about it instead of ignoring them next time.  Same goes for one hole in my plants.  I now know just how fast it can go from one hole to 100!

It's funny, I forgot my salad I made up last night at home today so I didn't have any lunch. I broke down and spent $7.65 on a chop chop salad. It used to be my favorite salad.  Now it just tasted bland compared to my greens. ROFL. I'm spoiled. Yep, I'm a garden snob, hehe.

Well, back to cleaning for the party this weekend. Unfortuantely the weather's not cooperating.  I don't think I'll fill the pool. We'll be lucky if it doesn't rain and if it gets over 55 degrees Saturday.  30% chance of showers per Weather Underground. Darn.  Ah well, there's still tons do do in our back yard without the kiddie pool.

Oh yeah, it's Thursday, so here it is:

To do:

- Mow the lawn before Saturday, even if it's in the rain.

- Get the compost and mix up some Mel's Mix.

- Burry a foot of potato plants and add a board, hehe.

- Cut back a tree based on an order from the City. It's hanging over the sidewalk.


  1. Sinfonian -- have you tried the DE? It's really amazing stuff. Patti turned me on to it. But be careful because it will also kill lady bugs too. I'm in a bit of a dilemia -- I need to put some DE on the corn (the tassels have aphids!) but there is one long lady bug who is busy eating as many as she can. I don't want to kill her LOL I read that lady bugs can eat as many as 85 aphids in one day. But I have probably 85,000 LOL But do try the DE on your plants.

    Take another pic of the potatoes! I can't wait to see how much they have grown.

    Hope that your little guy has a wonderful birthday party!

  2. I'd get more ladybugs or sacrifice the one you've got... (I'd go for the more the merrier but that's just me.

    And I've not yet bought DE, but I will be getting some soon. I like it MUCH better than my Sevin 5 stuff. /shudder