Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30, 2008

Well, today is going to be picture heavy.  I decided it was past time to take some pics of my garden.  The hot weather's been good to it.  So won't you join me for a virtual garden tour?

First off, my succession lettuce has REALLY matured.  I had some the last time I made my chicken finger salad.  It was yummy!  Notice that I just trimmed the tops of the green salad bowl rather than dig to find a stem?  My brother does that when he does rows and doesn't thin, and the PtF folks do it with their Square Inch Gardening.  In the bottom is my latest succession radishes. I've still got tons to eat, even after my mom harvested a shopping bag full of them for sandwiches. hehe.

Oh, and did I mention that my initial greens bed is still going strong?  Yeah the spinach is bolting (I never really harvested from it because I didnt' need to).

But low and behold, the spinach I succession planted even before I realized my spinach was bolting is now ready to eat. Yay!

Ok, random order, but here is my forest of green onions and my little cuke plants that could...

Did you notice the white on the little first pseudo leaves?  I wonder if it's leaf miners?  Any ideas?

Here's the back of one of them. In case it's too blurry, those are little black dots. I'm pretty sure it's something bad that I want to cure fast...

Here's an updated picture of my corn!  WOW, look at how fast it's grown?  Even the succession plantings are getting some growth on!

Speaking of growth, look ath this cauliflower! OMG! It's almost edible!

And we have CARROTS starting to form.  Too bad they don't get much sun behind the cauliflower.  No clue what I am going to do with my broccoli and cauliflower next year. They need beds all to themselves with the first plantings in back and the successions in front.  Unfortunately that will mean I give up a trellis row... hmm?  Thoughts?

Oh, and here are my peas!  They have really topped out over 3 feet.  The package lied, hehe.

Here's a close-up. Aren't they tasty looking?  Still haven't eaten them. Haven't been home for dinner much lately.  Grrrr.

But to cheer me up, look at the broccoli start! WOW. And I took another picture but it looks just the same.  Sure enough, I've got dueling broccoli sprouts!

And for the tallest plant award, my pole beans are trying to reach the second story, hehe!

I'll end with my topped out potato bins.  The Buttes look like a jungle of green, but I chose the Yukes to share because I noticed that the stems in the bottom left are wilting something fierce.  And the bottom right has a slightly munched leaf.  Is it a problem or is just a water problem?  I've been soaking it often to make sure I get enough water, knowing that any extra will just drain out.

Well, how did you like it?  I know I'm tickled pink... or green. Hehe.

Lastly, Judy over at has graciously offered to send me some Minnesota Midget cantaloupe seeds.  And all indications are that if I plant them immediately. I have a shot at cantalope this year!  So I'm going to fix up Toasty's SWC and get it ready to plant some mini cantaloupes (hehe, apparently there are tons of ways to spell canteloupe, hehe.  Either way, YAY!  I've got to fix it up quick and build a trellis.  I figure I'll put it between the two potato bins behind my apple tree.  It gets basically full sun, and I've got room for a trellis. hehe, I'm excited!  Thanks Judy! You're awesome!!!

Enjoy your garden!


  1. My squash and cucumbers both had "white stuff" on their pseudo leaves. I was convinced it was something horrible! However, they "grew out of it" (at least nothing ever got worse or seemed to matter to the growth.) It never progressed to the real leaves or really went away for that matter (I think my pseudo leaves just sorta withered as the big plant took over.) I think you'll be okay, Sin-just keep an eye on it. :)

  2. For the broccoli and caulis next year, how about putting something you can start first along the trellis, like peas, then devote the rest of the box to the big broccolis and cauliflowers?

  3. The is one nice looking cauliflower head and it is growing fast, makes me want to try to grow some. Your peas looking like they are at the exact stage mine are at, I have already started to nibble on some baby peas.

    The pseudo leaf may be just sun burnt from the heat you have had. I think the only real problem for cucumbers is cucumber beetles that eat the plants and then spreads Bacterial Wilt. It is defiantly not bacterial wilt on the leaf.

  4. OMGoodness Sinfornian! Your garden is absolutely beautiful! Your lettuce is so pretty.... nnd your peas -- I can't believe how they have grown -- WOW! And the corn, that is just too cool the way that you've staggered the plantings like that.

    I think you can officially accept your green thumb now :-)