Sunday, June 15, 2008

June 15, 2008


Alas, the party was at my house so this morning after I graciously got to sleep in, we raced to clean and get stuff ready for the day.  Then with both my father and father-in-law here I had to run around making sure everyone was happily fed with a drink in their hand.  Thankfully my brother took over (at my request) the BBQ so I could make sure everything was ready on time. I felt like a head chef. I didn't actually cook anything through to completion (except the baked potatoes), but I touched everything.  Despite not having quite enough steak (I miscounted) and too much salad, it turned out wonderfully.  Good idea on salad. Don't dress it so when you have left overs you can stick it in the crisper and have it for days.  I will have it for lunch tomorrow.

Mostly today was about sharing my garden with folks that hadn't seen it in quite a while.  My sister-in-law hadn't seen it since we got dirt, so she was impressed.  Hehe she even appropriately commented that I really didn't need to plant more lettuce.  She's right. Who knew?  Live and learn.  Everyone was duely impressed by the SWC and how well my tomatoes were growing, especially when I told them how little water they took.  Thanks Judy!

My brother and also talked a bit about gardening... mostly about my recent revelations about Monsanto Corporation.  These folks have completely lost their morals and ethics.  They must think that having their former corporate lawyer (Clarence Thomas) on THE Supreme Court makes everything they do legal.  Insane...

He also informed me that my bean problems have more to do with likely cutworms than weather.  He pegged my stumpy stems perfectly.  So my son's "binoculars" got taken apart so I could use the toilet paper rolls to make cutworm rings around my seeds.  He also helped me out.  When he heard I was out of Jade bush bean seeds, he brought me over close to 100 Blue Lake bush bean seeds.  He loves them.  I'll interplant them in with my Jade to fill in the squares.  I think I'll get 4 full squares now. Thanks Bro!  He's the greatest!  He even told me we'll have to pickle beans.  Apparently they're really good.  He's been reading a book on preserving.  Should be fun come fall or whenever.

Well, it's late, I'm tired and have to work int he morning.  No pics today since you've seen everything yesterday.  Hope your weekend was great and you wished your dads a Happy Father's Day.

Enjoy your garden!

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  1. Wow it sounds like you had a wonderful Father's Day. I'm so glad that you were able to show off your garden to your family :-) That is so cool that you have that much lettuce....if only I could trade you some tomatoes LOL

    I had to "re-read" your comment about taking apart your son's binoculars LOL!!! Sorry about the cut worms.