Monday, June 16, 2008

June 16, 2008

Sorry to say this will be a very short post with no pics.  I worked a hair shy of 12 hours today, something we jokingly call a "half day" not including commuting.  That wouldn't be so horrible (ok, it would) but today was either the worst alergy day of the year so far or I've got a sinus infection.  Safe to say I'm not sure after all's said and done. Only time will tell.

While I was at work I got a great email from Alberta. She's so cool it's not even funny.  She sent me an email to tell me (just in case I missed her post) that another method to foil cutworms is to stick a twig or a straw in the ground right up against the stem.  Appartently cutworms need to wrap around the stem to cut it off, so if there's a twig or straw to double the thickness, they can't get all the way around.  A bit more organic than lacking bran with BT to get them to poison themselves, but I'll try just about anything soon enough.

When I got home I didn't even go inside to drop off my brief case.  I walked into the garden and started watering. The sun had gone down on the garden so it wasn't going to burn off.  While I was watering I decided I would finish that off and go to bed.  Unfortunately the cutworms had been at it again.  After a several day hiatus they had murdered one of my better looking pole beans.  Ok, you can have the bush beans, but don't touch my climbers!  So I went inside and grabbed a handfull of the kids colored straws and proceeded to cut them into thirds and burry them into the soil at the base of every surviving bean plant in my garden.  Unfortunately there weren't many.  If I werent' feeling horrible I would have snapped a pic and shared it with you. Maybe tomorrow. 

Rest assured, tomorrow I count heads and start soaking replacement seeds.  I think seeds will get toilet paper rolls and plants will get the straws.  Cross your fingers all.

Well, the Nyquil is kicking in and I finished stuffing my face with a quickie dinner. I was starved because all I ate today was the leftover salad. As good as it tasted, it didn't satisfy my hunger despite it being enough to feed two people.

Enjoy your garden and hope you don't have as many pests as I do.


  1. Good ol' Nyquil ... if it doesn't dry you out it will at least give you a good night's sleep.... Hope that you're feeling better today.

  2. g'luck with those cutworms - and the nyquil - I dosed hubby up on that a few days ago, swear it made him less cranky LOL :)

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I do have stink bugs on one of my Creole tomato plants, but they seem happy with that one, so I just let them have it. I have quite a few more that are doing great. I just call it my trap plant.
    The other pest I have is a cute little black and white cat that loves to die around my squash. Of all things to have a failure with,,,I didn't get near enough squash but I love her, so I let her play. LOL