Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25, 2008

Well, nothing major on the home front. Went for a walk after watering the garden.  I left the beans soaking overnight, they had prune fingers, hehe.  I didn't mean to leave them much longer than an hour, I also forgot to take out the garbage...  It was a late night last night.

I watched the latest GardenGirlTV videos. If you aren't addicted to them and check back regularly, I suggest you click the link to the right and check out her stuff. She's not only huge into urban suststainable living, but she's a film producer so her video snipits are phenomonal.  Hehe, no cameraphone utube videos there.

Anyway, her latest video is about gardening with kids.  I am trying to get my kids actively involved with our garden but with all the stuff to do in the back yard, they're less interested in the garden right now.  I wish the carrots would grow faster so my eldest could harvest one.

I've also have been reading the journals over at  One of their posts is all about eating locally.  Frankly we drink smoothies 4 or 5 times a week and one of the must-have ingredients are bananas.  I am doing my best to grow my own veggies in my garden, but our climate sucks and I can't grow things fast enough to eat them, other than cool-weather crops like greens.  There are only so many salads you can eat and lately after I eat a huge salad from my garden I'm still hungry.  Grrr, things have got to grow fast.  Please? hehe

So I'm nowhere near a 100 foot diet, or even a 50 or 100 mile diet.  Costco is still our friend and I don't see that changing.  So many posters on their site are all deep into the urban homesteading.  Its awesome, but I'll be happy if I can eat 50% of our produce from our garden.  That's a big hill to climb with all the smoothies we make.

Enjoy your garden!


  1. Sin,

    I am with you I know that it is better to eat locally but some things like bananas just can't give up on and no way going to grow them or even citrus stuff locally. I will have to check out the Garden girl videos I kepp meaning to but seem to always be so busy.


  2. I enjoy reading your blog very much. You are reminding me of my first gardening efforts with kids, except you are much more intent than I ever could be. One thing about gardening -- you really have to do trial and error to see what likes to grow well and what is too difficult to bother with. And then you get a year like this that is way too cool to grow beans or other hot weather stuff. My DH loves beans and has had a terrible time getting them going this year. I hope the hot weather this weekend will bring them on. He planted peas too and doesn't know if they are snow peas or pod peas...How did you figure out which is which?

  3. Dotty,
    Thank you for the kind words. I fully realize that this is a trial and error year at best, and I am already learning which plants should go where and which plants I just won't bother with.

    As for the peas, I cheated and planted from catalog seeds. I know that I planted two squares of sugar snaps, one of snow and one of shelling. It's just funny that I can't tell them apart easier. Thankfully I can tell the snow pea from the shelling, so I know which side of the snaps they're on. hehe.

    As for being intent. It started out as a hobby... and an expensive one at that. But with the economy, gas and produce prices such as they've been, I've become more intent on making this work for my family.