Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23, 2008

Well, I was beginning to think I was boring... Traffic's dropped off quite a bit of late, probably due to summer vacations and nice weather, but yesterday I doubled my views. Glad you stopped by, hope you keep coming back. I hate talking to myself. hehe

Well today I took a good many pictures.  First off, I wanted to share what my trimmed rhodie looks like now. My goal was twofold; to see my kids at play behind it and to be able to get my yard waste container around it to the compost bin.  It may look ugly to some, but I think of it in a rhodie tree fashion.  It's certainly tall enough to be a tree. Oh, and of course it has dead flowers on it. That's when you trim them is after they bloom.

And this is what the compost looked like after we chipped it all up. Of course my aunt threw some leaves on the top. That won't hurt any.  It's cooking underneath so I didn't mix this in, but I figure I've got a great mix of green and brown right on top.

Oh, and my brother actually figured this out, but can you tell me which of these three peas is a snow, a snap and a shelling?

And to continue the the triplets, take a look at three generations of spinach.  I love this shot. I've cleared two squares of bolted spinach but there's one left that has edible leaves on it so I'm keeping them until tomorrow when I make a last salad.

Hehe actually I took a short break to go harvest a salad for tomorrow's lunch.  Unfortunately it looks like the first salad bowl square has either bolted or it was shaded too much by the monster plants around it that it didn't get enough sun to thrive  So I think since the cauliflower is growing finally, and I've got great replacement squares of lettuce, I'll rip out the first lettuce squares I planted and move on to the second and third successions.  That's exactly what they're for.

Tonight I'll soak and start germinating pole and bush beans (Blue Lake this time) because my brother had to call to tell me that his beans are coming up.  Maybe it's time to try filling in the holes one more time.  Unfortunately I still don't know what's killing them, but I sprayed Monterey Spinosad so hopefully it works this time.  Nowhere in Mel's book does he mention how tough it is to get beans started.  Here's to crossing my fingers.

Enjoy your garden!


  1. I've always read, but never commented on your site, Sin, but I just had to comment on your beans. You've got to keep trying! I know you've had rotten luck so far, but I've been rooting on your poor little beans since day one! The reason Mel didn't mention the toughness of beans is because ALLEDGEDLY they are very easy. I, too, worried about my beans. They came up and just stayed at two or three leaves forever. However, we got a good heat wave and they shot right up. I think if you can defeat those ridiculous cutworms that yours will grow as well as your peas. Good luck and I will continue to root for your beans from afar!

  2. Your site is back, it would not load for me until today. That is one nice cauliflower head you have forming. I was just on someones site that had a cauliflower photo with a 10ish year old boy in it as well and the plants where half the size of the child. You may have a feast growing!

    I am growing blue lake pole beans as well and I also grew them at my first veggie garden attempt, they did very well then and are doing well now. You should defiantly have better luck with them. I suspect your beans did not do well before because of weather, they like hot temps and to be on the dryer side once sprouted.

    Good Luck!